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Hello, cruise enthusiasts! Welcome aboard the MSC Sinfonia, a ship that holds a special place in my heart. Through this blog, I share tips, useful information, and travel stories from our family adventures with our two daughters, so you can enjoy your own sea adventures with peace of mind.

Thank you for your trust and loyalty.

MSC Sinfonia, a beautiful ship despite its age

Born in 2003 and renovated a few years ago (2015 in Palermo), the MSC Sinfonia is still as magnificent as ever. Impeccable cleanliness, attentive staff, fantastic entertainment team, divine restaurants, unforgettable ports of call, magical evenings… It has it all!

For your information, during its renovation, the MSC Sinfonia was extended by 24 meters. This extension allowed the addition of new facilities and modernized the ship to provide an even more comprehensive experience for us, the passengers.

On this MSC Sinfonia page, we will explore every nook and cranny of this ship. Ready to get a taste of what awaits you? Let’s go!

MSC Sinfonia facilities:

  • Approximately 976 cabins offering a variety of accommodation options.
  • Two outdoor swimming pools.
  • 1 large water park for children.
  • A casino for testing your luck.
  • A buffet, La Terrazza Buffet.
  • Two main restaurants: El Galeone and Il Covo.
  • A luxurious MSC Aurea Spa for relaxation.
  • 1 fitness center.
  • A dedicated area for young passengers aged 15 to 17.
  • A Kids Club for the little ones.
  • San Carlo Theater for incredible shows featuring a sublime singer, Kaylee.
  • Piano Bar with live music.
  • Twelve decks offering a variety of activities, including a mini-golf course, a sports court, and a discotheque.

MSC Sinfonia is ready to offer you an unforgettable experience on board.

The bars

A palette of flavors and experiences

On the MSC Sinfonia, discover 7 bars and lounges for a unique experience! While some frequent cruisers on larger ships might think this is a modest number, these spaces are carefully distributed, mainly on decks 5, 6, and 11 (the pool deck).

The staff at these bars, dedicated professionals, remain attentive and friendly, even after long hours of work. They undoubtedly add a special touch to your cruise. You’ll find all your favorite drinks here, accompanied by the entertainment that goes hand in hand! If you want to know the prices of drinks, feel free to refer to my dedicated page. Onboard Prices.

The café del Mare and Capri Bar

MSC Sinfonia bars pools

On deck 11, also known as the pool deck, you’ll discover the two bars featured in the photo. Café del Mare is a lively place where there is always a crowd, but the service is efficient, making the wait quite reasonable. Let’s not forget that we are on vacation! Moreover, servers are available throughout deck 11, which means you don’t need to go to the bar; they come to your table or your deck chair to serve you.

For the photos below, you’ll find all these bars on decks 5 and 6. It’s important to note that on this ship, decks 7, 8, 9, and 10 are reserved for cabins, so you won’t find bars there. Entertainment mainly focuses on decks 5, 6, 11, and 12.

The cigar room

Newer cruise ships are gradually eliminating smoking areas. However, the Cigar Room remains a refuge for tobacco enthusiasts. It’s an elegant and comfortable space where the smoke extractor works perfectly despite the crowd.

The Cigar Room, located on deck 6, next to the Shegar Café and the theater entrance, is a large and very special lounge. It offers leather sofas and exceptional decor. It’s the preferred space for smokers on this ship. We are lucky because several options are available to us. Half of the casino is reserved for smokers, smoking areas are outside the ship on the port side (left), and on deck 12, a smoking area is also provided for our comfort.

MSC Sinfonia restaurants

Aboard the MSC Sinfonia, depending on your deck and cabin, you will be assigned either to the Il Galeone restaurant or Il Covo. Note that the first seating starts at 7 PM, while the second seating begins at 9:45 PM (which may seem a bit late for some). It’s better to specify your choice when booking your cruise, but don’t worry, if you forget, you can always talk to the restaurant manager to change your seating.

Il Covo

Having dined in both restaurants, Il Galeone is an excellent option. The service is impeccable, with very friendly servers. However, I must share my favorite, Il Covo (deck 6 at the front of the ship), not only for its charming decor but especially for the exceptional serving team. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the cuisine, which is genuinely delicious, and the service that exceeds all expectations. A big thank you to Alfredo and his colleague, as well as to Pistouk and the entire team that takes care of every detail. They provide special touches to each table, making the experience simply outstanding. You’ll indulge and create memorable moments. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but a magical evening awaits you at the end of the week 🤫😆.

Il Galeone

Il Galeone Restaurant is a lovely venue for your onboard meals. It opens in the morning for breakfast and lunch, then closes in the afternoon before reopening in the evening for both dinner services. It’s an excellent choice not only for enjoying your meals but also for making friends and sharing good times with your fellow travelers.

MSC Sinfonia la Terrazza buffet

At the buffet (deck 11), you’ll find a wide selection of tempting food, from salad bars to fresh meats and fish, pizzas, vegetables, fries… available at lunchtime and in the evening (for those who prefer dinner at the buffet). The seating, whether chairs or banquettes, is super comfortable, and the entire space is impeccably clean, offering breathtaking sea views. Although the buffet can get busy at certain times, the flow remains smooth. If you arrive right at noon, you may have to wait about 5 minutes for an available table.

The quality of the food is excellent, often exceeding the usual standards of cruise ships. Kudos to the chefs! Ice water is always available (unlike on the Costa Smeralda), as well as a selection of teas, coffee… It’s important to highlight the exceptional commitment of the staff, who always remain smiling and attentive, even after long hours of work. A real asset to make your experience even more memorable.

MSC Sinfonia San Carlo theater

The theater, a magical moment on board. The cruise week becomes magical with passionate Artists.

Among them, Kaylee, the South African singer, shines on stage with her remarkable vocal talent and a smile that lights up the room, a true sunshine 🌞. This singer is produced by borproductions. They produce many shows for cruise companies, Las Vegas… But let’s say that the gem was on board the MSC Sinfonia, and her name is Kaylee (remember that name)!

Her talent captivated us, just like her humility. Some Artists don’t smile much, but she captivates you. A real gem. Bravo and thank you to the Artist!

The salsa dancers were also impressive, creating a beautiful harmony. Dylan, the dancer, exudes charm with his adorable smile 😊. Expect acrobats, contortionists, and despite some beginners among the dancers, their enthusiasm and smiles were present. I won’t hide the fact that the Colombian dancer Frederick and the show by Herminio (Starwlalker) from the MSC Seaside were sorely missed, but you can’t have it all.

Never forget to applaud the Artists; it’s their tip, they thrive on it. I say this because I don’t understand the few spectators who don’t applaud. All Artists work hard to live their passion, and really, a smile and applause are the culmination and recognition for them. Plus, smiling uses fewer muscles, so ultimately, fewer wrinkles 😄👏! As for the comfort of this 600-seat room on decks 5 & 6, there’s nothing to complain about; it’s one of the most comfortable. The seats are plush, suitable for both tall and small sizes. Whether you’re tall like me or shorter, it’s great! The sound and lighting are perfect; you’ll enjoy yourself.

MSC Sinfonia casino

The San Remo casino on the MSC Divina is located on deck 6. You’ll find around a hundred slot machines there, as well as gaming tables, roulette, and video poker; everything is set for you to try your luck. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and the staff is very welcoming. During my visit, I didn’t see any exceptional winnings like on the MSC Seaview, but the experience was enjoyable nonetheless. For enthusiasts, good luck! 🎰💰

MSC Sinfonia pools

Aboard the MSC Sinfonia, discover two outdoor swimming pools, ideal for refreshing and relaxing. The water is renewed daily for your comfort. You will be enchanted by the lively atmosphere around the pool, with sun loungers for relaxing in the sun and entertaining activities for the whole family.

During this cruise, we spent a lot of time at the pool because the weather was perfect. The atmosphere was great thanks to the entertainment team, the sun was shining, and relaxation and fun were on the agenda. I sincerely wish you an excellent cruise because that’s what you’ll experience when you sail with the MSC Sinfonia!


As mentioned earlier, despite its age, the MSC Sinfonia offers a variety of facilities for the pleasure of its passengers.

Sports enthusiasts will find happiness in the gym, offering a breathtaking view of the sea. Don’t forget to bring your sneakers; appropriate attire is essential.

The gym is located in the spa (deck 11), where you can indulge in massages, pedicures, scrubs, and more. The spa offers a premium experience, although prices may be high due to the 15% tax added to each service. If you’re fortunate enough to receive treatments from Caroline, you’ll be in good hands.

Fitness center

For football and basketball enthusiasts, a dedicated court is available to all. Additionally, a mini-golf course is nestled between decks 11 and 12 at the back of the ship, or more precisely on “deck 11 and a half” 😉🤭.

MSC Sinfonia spa

At the spa, you’ll find a complete range of wellness services, including relaxing massages, hairdressing sessions, and pedicure treatments to meet all your needs. However, it’s important to note that these services can be a bit expensive, so make sure to budget accordingly to fully enjoy these pleasant treatments.

MSC Sinfonia cabins

In 15 years, I’ve had the opportunity to go on many cruises, at least three per year minimum. I’ve experienced different types of cabins, from balconies to interiors. I can assure you that the MSC Sinfonia makes no compromises when it comes to comfort and luxury, whether you choose the smallest or the most spacious cabin. The rooms are spacious, impeccable, and the comfort of the beds is exceptional. In fact, I wonder where they get their mattresses from because they are really amazing. 😄

MSC Sinfonia cabins

MSC Sinfonia discotheque

The discotheque opens at 12:45 AM in the summer because theme nights, such as White Parties and disco nights, usually take place on deck 11 near the pool until that time. These parties are incredible; the vast majority of passengers (98%) are extremely friendly, coming to have fun, relax, and share good moments, creating an amazing atmosphere. Of course, there are always the 2% of grumpy ones who got lost 🤭. After the end of the theme nights, the discotheque usually takes over. Its decor is charming, offering a nice space, as evidenced by the photos above.

MSC Sinfonia shops

The shops on the MSC Sinfonia (decks 5 and 6). You’ll find essential products, but most importantly, clothing, bags, accessories, perfumes… The shops are numerous and well distributed. The service is excellent; all the staff is attentive and takes care of you for great deals (no, I don’t work for MSC 😄).

MSC Sinfonia entertainment

MTT awards the trophy for the best entertainment team for the first time, including all MSC ships:


This cruise was truly idyllic, and I’m not exaggerating. After exploring so many ships, MTT awards the trophy for the best entertainment team to Christophe Frédérique’s team. Sometimes, the entertainment doesn’t maintain a constant pace, but with them, it’s as if they each had six twin brothers. In the morning, they liven up the deck, at noon it’s the same, in the afternoon there are still games, and in the evening, the party continues until dawn. Their energy is inexhaustible, their smiles are contagious, they are simply amazing. Having met hundreds of entertainers during cruises, they deserve the MTT trophy for the best entertainment team in the entire MSC fleet. Bravo to them: Chris, Allan, Zambi (incredibly tireless), Nayara, Diego, and Morris. A big thank you to you! 😄👏

Allow me to introduce you to Simona, your Cruise Director, a woman who truly impressed me. She masters several languages perfectly, constantly wears a smile, exudes joy, and is a true ray of sunshine. You’ll encounter her in the theater, where she hosts the shows, and she’s also present on deck morning, noon, and night. No matter the hour, her kindness is always there. Don’t forget to applaud her during the shows because she is truly exceptional! 😄👏

Practical information

Useful information for your cruise

Before embarking on a cruise, please consider these essential tips:

  1. Ensure you have your documents: Your passport number or national identity card must be valid; otherwise, boarding may be denied.
  2. Plan your formalities in advance: Verify that your documents remain valid throughout the entire cruise, taking into account the specific requirements of the cruise line and destinations.
  3. Manage your budget: Products onboard are generally duty-free. If you smoke, purchase your cigarettes before leaving these areas.
  4. Familiarize yourself with excursions and activities: Explore the excursions offered prior to your cruise. Review the details, prices, and book those that interest you. For all activities during the port stops, refer to the “Port Stops on a Cruise” section below.
  5. Prepare your luggage: Follow the cruise line’s instructions regarding luggage and permitted items on board. Don’t forget the essentials: appropriate clothing, swimwear, toiletries, and any necessary medications.

By following these recommendations, you will embark on your cruise with peace of mind. Enjoy your voyage to the fullest by keeping these details in mind and preparing adequately. Have a wonderful cruise! 🚢

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