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Welcome to Mon Tatane Tour, your guide to “Montreal travel guide in Quebec.” This fascinating city captivates with its cultural diversity, rich history, and unique experiences. In the following sections, discover the must-see attractions of Montreal, from the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal to the panoramic peaks of Mount Royal. 🤩

Put on your “tatanes” and let’s go explore this vibrant city that is sure to charm you. ❤

Montreal travel guide: must-see places

Must-see places

Mont Royal park

Discover a jewel of Montreal, Parc du Mont-Royal, a green oasis in the heart of the city. This park provides an ideal refuge for nature lovers and offers spectacular panoramas.

With its 200 hectares, Mount Royal is perfect for walks, bike rides, or even snowshoes in winter. You can easily get there by taking the metro to Mont-Royal station or by taking bus 11 heading west.

Once at the top, enjoy a breathtaking view of Montreal. Don’t miss a visit to the Mont-Royal chalet, a place of relaxation popular with Montrealers. End your day in style by enjoying a picnic by the Beaver Lake. This getaway in the great outdoors will leave you with unforgettable memories of your visit to Montreal, the Quebec metropolis.

Street sainte Catherine in Montreal

Welcome to my favorite street in Montreal, the legendary rue Sainte-Catherine. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Rue Sainte-Catherine is Montreal’s quintessential shopping street, stretching more than 11 km through the heart of the city. It is full of shops, restaurants, and bars for all tastes.

To get there, simply take the metro to McGill station, located right in the city center. Here you are on Sainte-Catherine, ready to explore every corner of this lively artery.

In summer, don’t miss the festivals and events that liven up the street, such as the Just for Laughs Festival or the FrancoFolies. You can even attend free concerts on the pop-up stages. An experience not to be missed!

If you’re feeling hungry, stop in the underground galleries of the Eaton Center and enjoy a delicious beaver tail. You won’t regret it, believe me!

Montreal travel guide – Gamelin park

Discover the charming Parc Gamelin, nestled in the heart of downtown Montreal. This peaceful space is a true haven of relaxation for nature lovers and city dwellers in search of tranquility.

Parc Gamelin offers a multitude of cultural, sporting and family activities, ranging from outdoor yoga to music shows and gourmet delights from food trucks. There is something for every taste !

To get there, simply take the green metro line to Berri-UQAM station, or take bus 125 towards Sainte-Catherine Street. Parc Gamelin invites you to live an unforgettable experience in the heart of Montreal.

Montreal travel guide – The mile-end district

Visiting Montreal and the Mile-End district is a real gem to explore. This unmissable neighborhood is a marvel to discover, and you will not be disappointed with your visit. I personally walked its streets with enthusiasm, wearing out my eyes and my tatanes, as I appreciated this unique atmosphere. It’s an authentic experience not to be missed.

Located near Parc du Mont-Royal, Mile-End is easily accessible by taking bus 80 or metro line 2. Simply get off at Laurier station to immerse yourself in the captivating atmosphere of this neighborhood.

The Mile-End offers unique discoveries, quaint boutiques, a thriving arts scene and a bohemian atmosphere.

Montreal travel guide – Gay village

The Montreal Gay Village is an exceptional place to explore. There you will find a variety of bars, restaurants, shops and nightclubs for those who want to dance. Open-mindedness reigns supreme here, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

At the Gay Village, everyone is welcome, and that’s one of the reasons why this place is so special. Unlike other parts of the world where tolerance is still a struggle, people here live without fear or judgment. Homophobia is categorically condemned, and it is an example that others should follow.

To reach the Montreal Gay Village, take the green metro line (line 1) and get off at Beaudry station. You will immediately be immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of this neighborhood. Enjoy the experience and be yourself with complete freedom.

Montreal travel guide – The Mont Royal lookout

The Belvedere of Mont Royal in Montreal is a real treasure that amazed me. It’s the perfect place to enjoy spectacular views of the city. To get there, follow these easy steps.

Take the metro and get off at Mont-Royal station. Once there, look for bus number 11 heading west. The stop you are aiming for is “Parc du Mont-Royal”. Get off the bus and follow the paths that will guide you towards the lookout.

Arriving at the top, prepare to be dazzled by the panorama. The breathtaking view will reward you for your ascent. The skyscrapers, the sparkling St. Lawrence and the city stretching as far as the eye can see create a magical backdrop.

Don’t forget to take photos to immortalize this unforgettable experience. You can see the city from a unique perspective, and every moment captured will be a treasured memory of your visit to Montreal.

The Belvédère du Mont Royal is a must-see destination for all travelers looking for adventure and natural beauty.

Montreal travel guide – The old port

The Old Port of Montreal is a must-see place to visit. In all seasons, this place is full of activities for all tastes.

In summer, you can rent pedal boats, take a cruise on the famous St. Lawrence River, taste delicious dishes in the region’s restaurants, or treat yourself to a relaxing session in a spa. There is always something to do in this lively neighborhood.

Winter brings a different magic to the Old Port. Skates replace shoes, and you can indulge in the fun of ice at the rink. The Old Port is also the location of Igloofest, an electronic music festival that attracts music lovers from around the world. The Old Port of Montreal is a place where entertainment reigns supreme, whatever the season.

Montreal travel guide – The clock tower

The clock tower Montreal Quebec

Prepare for a new adventure in Montreal by visiting the Clock Tower, a charming place that has many surprises in store for you! You will find it in the Old Port, offering a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River and the city center.

To get there, take the metro to Champ-de-Mars station (a few minutes’ walk towards the Old Port).

Once there, climb the 192 steps of the tower to enjoy a breathtaking panorama. You will be able to admire the majestic river, the lively Old Port district, as well as the emblematic buildings of downtown Montreal.

After this memorable experience, stroll around the Old Port, where you will discover picturesque streets and friendly restaurants to taste delicious poutine, a popular local specialty.

Montreal travel guide – Place des Arts

Get ready for an artistic immersion in the heart of Montreal by visiting the famous Place des Arts, a true cultural treasure located in the Quartier des spectacles.

Place des Arts is a must for culture lovers, home to a multitude of performance halls, museums and open-air festivals throughout the year. To get there, simply take the metro and get off at Place-des-Arts station, offering easy accessibility.

Don’t forget to explore the surrounding art galleries, where fascinating works await to be discovered. Be inspired by the creativity that emanates from these artistic spaces.

And why not enjoy a theater performance, concert or show? The diversity of events offered at Place des Arts will satisfy all tastes and artistic passions.

This virtual tour is an invitation to explore the cultural richness of Place des Arts, which embodies the creative soul of Montreal.

Notre dame Basilica in Montreal

The Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal, located in the heart of Old Montreal, is a true gem of Gothic architecture. With its shimmering stained glass windows, its majestic organ and its breathtaking architectural details, it offers an incomparable visual and spiritual experience. To reach it, simply take the metro to Place-d’Armes station, and you will be just a few steps from this cultural treasure.

When you enter the basilica, you are immediately enveloped by a magical atmosphere. The play of light through the stained glass windows creates a unique atmosphere, conducive to contemplation and meditation. Every corner of this church tells a story, which you can explore at your own pace.

For history and culture buffs, guided tours are offered, allowing you to delve deeper into the past of this iconic landmark. You will discover fascinating details about the construction of the basilica and its role in the religious life of Montreal.

The Notre-Dame basilica is much more than a simple religious building; it is a place full of symbolism and history. It embodies the soul of Montreal and remains a must for visitors looking for cultural and architectural discoveries.

Montreal travel guide – The olympic stadium

Visit Montreal and its Olympic Stadium: it is a huge stadium that can accommodate up to 65,000 supporters. My visit during a Montreal Impact match allowed me to live a grandiose and memorable experience.

To get to the Olympic Stadium using public transportation, take the green line of the Montreal metro and get off at Pie-IX station. Once there, follow the Stade Olympique exit, which will take you directly to the stadium. You also have the option of taking bus 97 or 139, which have stops near the stadium.

The Olympic Stadium is much more than just a venue for sporting events. It is steeped in history and hosted the 1976 Summer Olympics. Its iconic leaning tower is a symbol of the city and offers breathtaking views of Montreal. Take advantage of your visit to discover the Olympic Museum located on site, which traces the history of the Olympic Games and sporting achievements.

Whether you are a sports fan or a lover of iconic architecture, the Montreal Olympic Stadium is an essential stopover during your stay in the Quebec metropolis.

Montreal travel guide – The biodome

Prepare for an unforgettable experience in Montreal by exploring the Biodôme, a magical place that immerses you in the heart of different ecosystems, without leaving the city!

To get to the Biodôme, head towards Viau metro station, then follow the signs to the Olympic Park. In just a few steps you will reach your destination.

Once inside the Biodôme, set off to discover fascinating environments, such as the tropical rainforest, the Laurentian forest, the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, and even the polar regions! You will be amazed by the diversity of animal and plant species that inhabit these unique ecosystems.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the educational spaces to enrich your knowledge of these captivating environments. And, of course, capture your visit by taking memorable photos alongside the Biodôme animals.

Montreal travel guide – The botanical garden

Welcome to my absolute favorite in Montreal: the botanical garden. Prepare for an exceptional floral and exotic journey!

The Montreal botanical garden is a true haven of peace in the heart of urban bustle. You can stroll through different greenhouses, each offering a unique atmosphere. You will discover tropical plants, cacti, orchids and even a superb Japanese garden!

To get there, simply take the Pie-IX metro station, followed by a short walk of a few minutes to find yourself in another world. The colors, scents and soothing atmosphere of the botanical garden will amaze you.

Don’t forget to explore the outdoor gardens, where outdoor events and exhibitions often take place. If you’re feeling a little hungry, take advantage of the garden’s cafés for a gourmet break.

The Montreal Botanical Garden is a true treasure of greenery that will take you on a journey to the four corners of the world. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Montreal travel guide – The biosphere

Prepare to dive into an eco-friendly and futuristic universe, you will love it!

Located on Sainte-Hélène Island, the Biosphere is a unique place that combines science and the environment. It is in this impressive geodesic sphere, designed by architect Buckminster Fuller, that you can explore interactive exhibitions and enjoy fun activities for young and old. A real treat !

You will discover fascinating information on current ecological issues and the challenges linked to the protection of our planet. Themes such as biodiversity, climate change, and water management are addressed in a fun and educational way.

To get there, take the metro to Jean-Drapeau station, then walk a little or take a bus which will drop you off a stone’s throw from the Biosphere. This place is ideal for a day with family or friends, and I am sure that you will be seduced by this architectural marvel.

And that’s not all! Take advantage of your visit to stroll through Parc Jean-Drapeau, a true green setting in the middle of the St. Lawrence River. A true paradise!

Montreal travel guide – Jean Drapeau park

Park Jean-Drapeau is a must for nature lovers in the heart of Montreal. Located on the Sainte-Hélène and Notre-Dame islands, it offers a range of activities for all tastes. It is easily accessible by metro, just take the yellow line and get off at Jean-Drapeau station.

The park is a true haven of peace in the middle of the urban hustle and bustle, offering a memorable natural escape. Be sure to visit the Biosphere, a futuristic dome that houses an environmental museum, if you’re interested in architecture and science.

Parc Jean-Drapeau is the ideal place to escape the city routine, recharge your batteries in the open air and discover the natural beauty of Montreal. It’s a perfect destination for families, sports fans, culture vultures, and anyone looking for a getaway in the heart of the city. Enjoy your visit and discover the wonders of this unique space.

Jean Talon market & Atwater market

The Atwater and Jean-Talon markets in Montreal are must-sees for lovers of local products and gastronomy. They’re full of Quebec culinary treasures, like delicious cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, honey, and much more. Markets are popular places for foodies and local chefs looking for quality ingredients.

The Atwater Market, located on the banks of the Lachine Canal, offers a variety of tempting products and is close to a cabin where you can rent bikes. This gives you a great opportunity to continue your exploration of the city on two wheels after filling your basket at the market.

The Jean-Talon Market is an ideal place to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere and taste seasonal products. It’s a lively market where you can taste the flavors of Quebec while strolling between the stalls.

Additionally, these markets are easily accessible via the RESO public transportation network, making your visit easier. By exploring these markets, you will discover the richness of Quebec cuisine and enjoy the conviviality that reigns in these places. Take the time to taste local dishes, admire the colorful stalls and do some shopping to bring home some tasteful memories of Montreal.

Montreal travel guide – The round: amusement park

La Ronde, Montreal’s amusement park, is a must-see destination for thrill-seekers. Nestled on Sainte-Hélène Island, it is home to 42 thrilling rides and attractions for all ages. The park opens from mid-May to the end of October!

Whether you are with family, friends or a couple, La Ronde promises a day filled with fun, excitement and laughter. Dizzying roller coasters, refreshing water attractions, classic rides and captivating shows await you.

To get to La Ronde easily, take metro line 2 (orange line) to Jean-Drapeau station. From there, take the free La Ronde shuttle, which will take you directly to the amusement park.

If you prefer to drive, follow the directions to the Jacques-Cartier Bridge from Montreal or the South Shore. Once on the bridge, take the exit for Île Sainte-Hélène and follow the signs for La Ronde. The amusement park also offers ample parking for visitors.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience unforgettable adventures and create memorable memories at La Ronde de Montréal. It’s the perfect place for a day of unparalleled fun!

The must-see places in Montreal park Lafontaine

Lafontaine Park, located in the Mont-Royal borough, is a must-see in Montreal, offering a variety of activities for all visitors.

Featuring playgrounds, tennis courts and long cycle paths, the park is a perfect place for a relaxing walk or a day outdoors. You can stroll around its lakes, enjoy a picnic under the trees, or simply relax in the heart of nature.

Every year, Parc Lafontaine is also the scene of the international sandcastle competition, a fun event not to be missed. With family, friends or as a couple, a visit to the park guarantees a moment of relaxation in the city.

To get to Parc Lafontaine, use public transportation by taking the metro to Sherbrooke station. Once there, immerse yourself in the serenity of this urban park while remaining in the heart of Montreal.

Explore hidden corners, discover the local flora and fauna, and admire the many works of art scattered throughout the park. Take advantage of this getaway to recharge your batteries and soak up the relaxing atmosphere of Park Lafontaine.

Gibeau restaurant in Montreal

Located on Décarie Boulevard, the atypical restaurant nicknamed Orange Julep is a true Montreal icon. Its structure in the shape of a giant orange, measuring 12.1 meters in diameter, immediately catches the eye.

Classic car enthusiasts will rejoice to learn that the Orange Julep parking lot regularly hosts car exhibitions, especially on certain Sundays. Take advantage of this opportunity to stroll among these vintage vehicles and deepen your knowledge of automobile history.

Orange Julep is much more than just a restaurant. It is an emblematic place in Montreal, where you can soak up the city’s atmosphere, taste its traditional flavors and enjoy a unique experience. Whether you are passing through Montreal or living there, a visit to the Orange Julep is a must to discover Quebec culture from a new angle.

Montreal travel guide – The museum of fine Arts

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, an artistic gem in the heart of the city, awaits you for an enriching cultural experience. Founded in 1860, it houses a diverse collection, encompassing modern and contemporary art, ancient arts, decorative art and indigenous culture.

To access the museum, take the metro to the nearby Peel station. Its majestic architecture combines tradition and modernity, which will not fail to seduce you from the moment you arrive.

The five pavilions of the museum will immerse you in a rich artistic universe. There you will discover masterpieces by illustrious masters, captivating temporary exhibitions and fascinating permanent collections. The Museum of Fine Arts organizes events, conferences and workshops to enrich your experience. It is a space where art and culture come together, offering a memorable adventure for art lovers and the curious in search of discovery.

Whether you are an art enthusiast or simply eager to explore new artistic perspectives, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is a destination that will awaken your senses, nourish your spirit and flourish your creativity.

Montreal travel guide – The casino

The Montreal Casino, an exciting place! I recently visited the casino, and let me tell you, I had an incredible experience. By betting just $20, I was lucky enough to win $200, which added a dose of adrenaline to my evening.

At the casino, the atmosphere envelops you, the lights shine, and the sounds captivate. There are various games to choose from, from slots to poker tables to classic table games.

After trying your luck, you can relax and enjoy a delicious meal at one of the on-site restaurants. The Montreal Casino offers exquisite cuisine, sumptuous buffets, and more casual options to satisfy all taste buds.

Enjoy the shows and entertainment that regularly enliven the casino, adding to the festive atmosphere. You may not be as lucky as me, but one thing is certain, you will have an unforgettable time at the Montreal Casino!

Where to stay?

Where to stay in Montreal?

Discover the must-see neighborhoods

If you are planning to visit Montreal, choosing the neighborhood where you will stay is crucial for a successful experience. Montreal is a diverse city, with each neighborhood having its own charm and unique attractions. Here are five must-see neighborhoods to consider for your stay.

Old Montreal: historical charm

Old Montreal is a historic district where you will find cobblestone streets, old buildings, and a European atmosphere. You will be close to the Notre-Dame Basilica and the Old Port. Accommodation options include boutique hotels and hostels.

The Plateau-Mont-Royal: bohemian atmosphere

This neighborhood is known for its colorful streets, outdoor staircases and parks. It is home to the famous Mont-Royal Park, offering panoramic views of the city. Apartment rentals, hostels and bed and breakfasts are popular here.

Where to stay in Montreal

The Latin Quarter: lively nightlife

The Latin Quarter is the heart of Montreal’s cultural scene. There you will find theaters, bookstores, and restaurants. Opt for a hotel with historic charm or a modern apartment.

The Mile-End: artistic atmosphere

This trendy neighborhood is home to art, music and creativity. Explore art galleries and unique boutiques. You can choose to stay in artistic lofts or vacation rentals.

Griffintown: modern urban planning

Griffintown is a growing neighborhood with modern skyscrapers and trendy boutiques. This is a great choice if you prefer contemporary hotels and upscale condos.

For more recommendations and information about Montreal, do not hesitate to use the search bar below. Have a good trip!

hotels to luxury establishments


The best things to do

The best things to do in Montreal

For all the activities in Montreal that I have listed for you, I share my opinion on the most exceptional ones. My opinion may be subjective, given that I am a tourist myself (just like you), but I also solicited the opinions of a few friends who contributed with their valuable comments. You’ll see ratings assigned, representing the minimum level of quality you can expect from each experience.

I put this symbol for you 👁 when it’s an activity to see  👁👁 when you can’t miss it and 👁👁👁 to see at least once in your life because it’s paradise!

Montreal travel guide: tourist bus is convenient!


An unusual activity in Montreal



Relaxation activity in Montreal


The best things to do in: An unforgettable adventure


Montreal activities

Getting around?

Getting around Montreal: your complete guide

Means of transport in Montreal

Montreal offers a varied transportation network to help you get around the city with ease. Here is a complete guide to help you choose the mode of transport that best suits your needs.

The Montreal metro

The Montreal metro is a fast and efficient way to travel around the city. It has four lines which serve key districts. Get an OPUS card for easy access to the metro and buses.

The bus

Montreal’s bus network is extensive and serves every corner of the city. It is ideal for reaching areas not covered by the metro. Fares are affordable, and the buses are equipped with Wi-Fi.

The tram

The tram network is under development in Montreal. It aims to improve urban mobility in certain parts of the city.

The bixi

Bixi is a self-service bicycle system across the city. It’s an ideal option for exploring Montreal at your own pace. Register online and pick up a bike at one of the many stations.

Taxis and vtc

You can easily find taxis on the streets of Montreal (Uber and Lyft). It’s a convenient way to get directly to your destination.

The commuter train

If you plan to travel to the suburbs of Montreal, the commuter train is a convenient option. It serves peripheral regions and offers regular schedules.


Montreal is a friendly, pedestrian city. Walk through the central neighborhoods, discover hidden gems, and soak up the city’s atmosphere.


Carpooling is popular in Montreal. Use rideshare apps to share a ride with other travelers heading in the same direction.

Rental cars

If you prefer to drive, there are many car rental agencies available at the airport and in town.

Use the search bar below to obtain additional information and plan your trips to the beautiful city of Montreal if you want to save time!

With these varied options, you can choose the mode of transportation that best suits your itinerary and budget.

Practical information

Formalities for Montreal: what you need to know

Before flying to Montreal from the United States or Europe, it is essential to know the entry formalities. Here is a detailed guide to help you prepare for your trip.

Montreal travel guide: travelers from Europe

  • Passport : Your passport must be valid for the duration of your stay in Montreal.
  • Visa : Most European travelers do not require a visa for tourist stays of less than six months in Canada. You will need to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) online before your trip.
  • ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization): The eTA is a mandatory requirement for European travelers arriving by air in Canada. You can submit a request online to obtain it.
  • Travel Insurance : It is recommended that you purchase travel insurance that covers medical care and other eventualities during your stay in Montreal.

Montreal travel guide: travelers from the United States:

  • Passport: You will need a valid passport to enter Canada. Make sure its expiration date is at least six months after your return date.
  • Visa: U.S. citizens generally do not require a tourist visa for stays of less than six months. You will obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) upon arrival.
  • ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization): The eTA is a mandatory electronic document for U.S. citizens traveling by air to Canada. You can make your request online before your departure.

Taxes and tips in Quebec

When traveling in Quebec, it is essential to understand the tax system and tipping customs. Here is a short guide to help you understand how they work 🤓

Sales taxes in Quebec:

  • Quebec applies sales taxes on most goods and services. The Quebec Sales Tax (QST) is 9.975%, while the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is 5%. These taxes are added to the cost of your purchases.
  • When you make purchases, taxes are usually included in the prices displayed. Be prepared to pay these additional taxes on your goods and services.

Tipping in Quebec:

  • In Quebec, it is common to tip in restaurants, cafes, and bars. Tips are not included in the bill and generally depend on the quality of service.
  • Tips are generally 15% to 20% of the total bill. You can leave them in cash or add them to the total amount when paying by credit card.

International payments and taxes:

  • Make sure your credit cards and payment devices are set up for international payments. Also check any fees for foreign transactions with your bank or card provider.
  • Before your trip, find out about customs rules and restrictions on items you can bring back to your home country.
  • Remember that tips are an important part of compensation for many service sector workers in Quebec. Be generous when you appreciate good service.

Quebec expressions

The most used expressions in Quebec

Quebec, a province like no other, is brimming with charm and authenticity. Besides its breathtaking natural beauty, this land has nurtured a rich and distinct culture. Quebecois expressions, a blend of traditional French and colorful local terms, lie at the heart of this culture.

They reflect a unique history and identity, captivating with their humor and originality. Get ready for a fun linguistic journey as we explore some of these typically Quebecois gems. Be surprised and enjoy discovering the humor and charm of these expressions that make the language as vibrant as its people here in Quebec.

The most amusing quebecois expressions

C’est l’fun – It’s fun! Quebecers often use the expression “C’est l’fun” to convey that they are enjoying something.

Magasiner – To shop. In Quebec, instead of saying “shopping,” people often use the term “magasiner.”

Dépanneur – Convenience store. When looking for a convenience store in Quebec, ask for the nearest “dépanneur.”

Tuque – Winter hat. Quebecois wear a “tuque” to keep warm during the cold winter months.

Chum and Blonde – Boyfriend and girlfriend. In Quebec, people refer to their romantic partners as “chum” (boyfriend) or “blonde” (girlfriend).

Frette – Cold. When it’s cold in Quebec, you’ll often hear people say, “Il fait frette.”

Gougounes – Sandals. During the summer, you’ll see many Quebecers wearing “gougounes.”

Tiguidou – All right or okay. In Quebec, you might hear someone say, “C’est tiguidou” to mean that everything is okay.

Maudite marde – Damn it! “Tabernacle” and “câlisse” are commonly used swear words in Quebec, including “maudite marde.”

Enweille – Let’s go! To encourage someone to get going, Quebecers use the word “enweille.”

Pouding chômeur – Poor man’s pudding. A classic Quebecois dessert, “pouding chômeur” is a sweet treat made from simple ingredients.

Tanné – Fed up. When someone in Quebec has had enough, they might say, “Je suis tanné.”

Char – Car. In Quebec, people commonly refer to their vehicles as “char.”

Bouilli – Boiled dinner. “Le souper de bouilli” is a traditional Quebecois meal consisting of boiled meat and vegetables.

What expressions do quebecers use?

Fou raide – Completely crazy. Quebecers might describe something as “fou raide” when it’s exceptionally crazy.

Crisse – An offensive swear word. One of the stronger Quebecois swear words, “crisse” is used when people are upset.

Manger de la tire – To eat maple taffy. Enjoying “manger de la tire” is a favorite pastime during sugaring-off season in Quebec.

Se sucrer le bec – To enjoy sweets. Quebecers love to “se sucrer le bec” with maple syrup and other sweet treats.

Y fait frette en tabarouette – It’s extremely cold. When it’s bitterly cold in Quebec, you’ll hear people say, “Y fait frette en tabarouette.”

Voyage au bout du monde – A long trip. Quebecers refer to a long journey as a “voyage au bout du monde.”

Tu es ben cute ! – You are really cute! To compliment someone in Quebec, you might say, “Tu es ben cute !”

À l’aise Blaise – Very comfortable. When you’re relaxed and comfortable, you’re “à l’aise Blaise” in Quebec.

C’est-tu clair ? – Is it clear? To confirm if something is understood, Quebecers ask, “C’est-tu clair ?”

Capoter – To be amazed or excited. When Quebecers are impressed or excited, they may say they “capotent.”

Ramasse tes vidanges ! – Get your act together! If someone needs to pull themselves together in Quebec, you might hear, “Ramasse tes vidanges!”

Quebecois expressions.

S’enfarger dans les fleurs du tapis – To make a mistake. In Quebec, they say “s’enfarger dans les fleurs du tapis” when you make a mistake.

Saucisse – Hot-dog or grilled sausage. When ordering a hot dog or grilled sausage in Quebec, simply ask for a “saucisse.”

Faire la baboune – To pout. Quebecers may say someone is “en train de faire la baboune” when they’re pouting.

Mettre son linge à laver – To settle a dispute. Quebecers “mettent leur linge à laver” when they’re working out a disagreement.

Nez à nez – Face to face. When two people are standing very close, they’re “nez à nez” in Quebec.

Virer une brosse – To get drunk. When someone has a bit too much to drink, Quebecers say they “virent une brosse.”

Tête en bine – Stubborn. Quebecers describe someone as “tête en bine” when they’re being stubborn.

Tout croche – All messed up. If something is completely disorganized, it’s “tout croche” in Quebec.

C’est pogné dans la circulation – Stuck in traffic. To explain being caught in traffic, Quebecers say “c’est pogné dans la circulation.”

Must-see places

The underground city of Montreal

Discover a unique underground world!

During your visit to Montreal, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the underground city, one of the most fascinating attractions of the Quebec metropolis. Also known as “Reso” or “Underground City,” this ingenious creation is much more than just a network of tunnels. Here is a preview of what you can discover and you will hallucinate 😱

An urban labyrinth:

The underground city of Montreal is a veritable labyrinth, made up of 33 kilometers of tunnels and passages. Here you will find shopping centers, offices, restaurants, cinemas, hotels, metro stations and much more. It’s an ideal way to get around sheltered from bad weather, summer and winter.

Underground art:

The underground city is also a space for artistic expression. There you will discover works of art, exhibitions and artistic installations that brighten up public spaces. It’s a unique cultural immersion.

A gourmet escape:

If you’re in the mood for some delicious food, the underground city is home to plenty of restaurants and cafes. You can taste local or international dishes, while enjoying the warm atmosphere of these establishments.

Shopping galore:

Shopping enthusiasts will be delighted to discover the boutiques and shopping centers located underground. There you can find clothing, jewelry, local products and much more.

Events and festivals:

The underground city is the location of many events and festivals throughout the year. Be sure to check the local activities calendar so you don’t miss anything.

To get to the underground city, take one of the many entrances located in downtown Montreal, near the main metro stations. You will immediately be immersed in a fascinating underground universe, ideal for a day of discovery and exploration.

My Tatane Tour wishes you the most wonderful trip to Montreal!

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