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Welcome to our Vacations in Croatia, featuring Split. Croatia is a beautiful country with a picturesque coastline, rich history and delicious cuisine. Whether you’re passionate about ancient coastal cities, stunning coastal landscapes or Croatian culture, Croatia has something extraordinary to offer you.

Vacations in Croatia: must-see places

Must-see places

Vacations in Croatia – Split, Croatia:

Vacations in Croatia - Split

For total immersion, click on the banner and explore our complete guide to Split.

Explore Split in detail for an unforgettable experience. This Croatian coastal town is famous for its Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can wander the cobbled streets of the old town, visit fascinating museums and enjoy the Mediterranean charm.

Our dedicated Split page is a comprehensive source of information to help you explore this Croatian destination in-depth. Discover Split’s hidden gems, from its bustling markets to its sunny beaches. You’ll find tips on the best restaurants to sample delicious local dishes and historical sites not to be missed.

Whether you want to explore the remains of the Roman Empire through Diocletian’s Palace, relax on the sandy beaches, or venture into the surrounding mountains, Split has something to offer every traveler. Explore its rich history, soak up the local culture and feast on authentic Croatian cuisine. Enjoy Split!


Each of these Croatian destinations offers unique experiences. If you want to get detailed information about these places, check out our specific pages to plan your perfect trip. Stay tuned as new cities will be added to our guide based on my future travels!

MTT wishes you the most wonderful trip to Croatia!

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