MSC Orchestra reviews

Ready for your cruise on the MSC Orchestra? Welcome to our MSC Orchestra reviews page.

Have you already booked your trip and want to know more about what awaits you on board? Are you considering going with the MSC Orchestra and wondering if it is the right choice?

I’m Sarah, also known as Miss Tatane, passionate about cruises. I would like to clarify that I am an independent cruise line and not affiliated with MSC. My goal is to provide you with an honest and unbiased perspective.😃

MSC Orchestra reviews

MSC Orchestra - Discover the MSC Cruises fleet

In this page, I offer you an objective and complete opinion on this cruise ship.

I will tell you about:

  • Ship’s equipment and facilities
  • Restoration
  • The swimming pools
  • The casino
  • The disco
  • Activities and entertainment, etc.
  • The MTT opinion (whether we recommend it or not).

Whatever the reason for your visit, I invite you to put on your sneakers or tatanes, and let’s discover the MSC Orchestra!😃

MTT Review

  • In this section, we evaluate every aspect of our cruise experience.
  • We refer to the requirements of MTT (Montanetour).
  • These include:
    • Home,
    • Infrastructure,
    • The staff,
    • The cleanliness,
    • The restaurants,
    • The quality of the food,
    • swimming pools,
    • Passenger flow management, and many other criteria.
  • Based on this, we recommend or not recommend each ship we visit.

MSC Orchestra equipment

The MSC Orchestra is a Musica class cruise ship built by Chantiers de l’Atlantique in Saint-Nazaire for the company MSC Croisières. It was commissioned in 2007 and measures 294 meters long and 32 meters wide. It can accommodate up to 3,223 passengers and 1,036 crew members.

MSC Orchestra review – Equipment and facilities

How many decks, cabins, swimming pools…

The MSC Orchestra has a wide range of equipment and facilities to entertain its passengers. It includes in particular:

  • 16 bridges
  • 15 restaurants and bars
  • 2 swimming pools and 4 hot tubs
  • 3,223 passengers
  • 1,036 crew members
  • 1,275 cabins including 17 for PRMs
  • A mess
  • A theater
  • A spa
  • A fitness center
  • A nightclub
  • Library
  • A game room


MSC Orchestra reviews

Discover a myriad of liquid pleasures on board the MSC Orchestra, where each bar is an invitation to escape and discovery. Among the 16 bars at your disposal, here are a few. We remind you that alcohol should be consumed in moderation, especially when you don’t know how to drink, for others, cheers 🥂.

  • The Savannah bar. Immerse yourself in a warm African atmosphere, with exotic cocktails and a lively ambiance that transports you on a sensory adventure.
  • Barracuda bass. This relaxed poolside spot is ideal for sipping refreshments while soaking up the sun. The perfect place to relax after a day of exploring.
  • The Incontro bar. Meet over a drink in this friendly bar. Whether for reunions with friends or new encounters, the atmosphere is always welcoming.
  • La Cubana cigar room. For cigar lovers, this sophisticated venue offers a premium selection in an elegant setting. An ideal refuge for connoisseurs.
  • The Amber bar. Let yourself be seduced by the elegance of this space, where soft lights and refined decoration create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and delight.
  • La Cantinella wine bar. Wine lovers will be delighted by this bar dedicated to wine delights. Discover exquisite flavors in a refined setting.
  • The Purple bar. Immerse yourself in a palette of flavors and colors at the Purple Bar. The perfect place to experiment with creative and vibrant cocktails.
  • The Shaker lounge. The place where the art of mixology comes to life. Talented bartenders prepare bespoke cocktails in this elegant space.

MSC Orchestra Restaurants

MSC Orchestra reviews

On board the MSC Orchestra, the gastronomic experience is as diverse as it is delicious! Enjoy the delights included in your cruise at the main restaurants, Hibiscus and Villa Borghese, where exquisite cuisine awaits you.

If you want to discover other flavors you can opt for the Four Seasons or the Shanghai (paying establishments).

→L’Ibiscus restaurant 🌺

Ibiscus is another main restaurant on the ship, generally offering a warm and friendly atmosphere. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it offers a wide variety of international dishes to satisfy all palates. Whether you’re looking for Mediterranean flavors, traditional dishes or vegetarian options, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Ibiscus. However, we were unlucky that week as our server was rather very rude. He wasn’t smiling at all, and we had to rush to eat. It was quite disappointing, especially since all the other servers were top notch. It’s really a shame.

→Villa Borghese

This restaurant is one of the culinary gems of the MSC Orchestra. With its elegant ambiance and impeccable service, Villa Borghese offers a refined dining experience. It offers a wide variety of international dishes to satisfy all palates.

  • The Four Seasons restaurant 🍽️ . Enjoy an elegant a la carte dining experience at this restaurant offering fine Mediterranean cuisine. Within the MSC Orchestra you will find a variety of restaurants, some of which are available for an additional fee. Among them, the Four Seasons is a paid establishment.💰
  • Shanghai Chinese Restaurant 🥢 . For an Asian culinary adventure, Shanghai Chinese Restaurant offers exquisite flavors of Chinese cuisine. Paid💰
  • MSC Club Restaurant ⚓ . Exclusively reserved for MSC Voyagers Club members, this restaurant offers an exclusive gastronomic experience and delicate dishes.

Whether you’re looking for sophisticated Mediterranean cuisine, oriental flavors or casual fare, the MSC Orchestra has something for everyone. Enjoy your food!

Piazzetta Buffet

Savor the delights of the Piazzetta aboard the MSC Orchestra! With its buffet, vegetables, meats, fish, snacks and delicious pizzas, you will be satisfied at any time of the day. The pizzas 🍕, in particular, are simply excellent, a testament to MSC’s culinary expertise. A real winning recipe to satisfy your taste buds with every bite! The buffet is located on deck 13. You will find something to eat all day long, until 2 a.m. (ha, it’s not the Costa Smeralda 😱 ).

Covent Garden Theater

MSC Orchestra reviews

The MSC Orchestra theater is a true marvel where breathtaking shows take place! With its captivating ambiance and sumptuous decor, it transports you into a world of unforgettable entertainment. Every evening you will have the chance to attend top-notch performances, featuring talented artists in breathtaking performances. The theater is one of the most beautiful in the MSC fleet, it combines elegance, design and splendor. Prepare to be dazzled and enchanted by the magic of the show on board the MSC Orchestra!

Casino Palm Beach

You know, the Palm Beach Casino is really something! We had two really great times there! We played a little, we tried our luck, and finally, we left with a smile and even a little more money than expected!

The slot machines are taken by storm, and the gaming tables are always packed. But despite that, the atmosphere remains super nice, you’ll see!

I really advise you to take a trip there, even just to enjoy the atmosphere. No need to spend thousands and cents, you can just come and have a drink, their cocktails are super good! And there are plenty of slot machines, for all tastes.

So, if you want to experience thrilling moments or just relax a little, the Palm Beach Casino is also the ideal place.🎰

Swimming pools

MSC Orchestra reviews

So, on the MSC Orchestra, in winter, the 2 outdoor swimming pools and the paddling pool are not really the ideal spot for swimming, but hey, there were still a few intrepid people who braved the cold!

To relax a little, there are 4 jacuzzis on deck 13. It’s nice to warm up and relax a little!😃

In terms of entertainment, outside, it wasn’t super active, especially in winter, but on the other hand, the atmosphere in the bar and between the passengers was downright cool. The waiters on deck 13 are really nice, they take your orders at the table, no need to move!

The atmosphere up there on deck 13 is really relaxed, especially when the sun comes out as we were lucky enough to see. It’s a place to really spend time! Everyone, whether passengers or staff, is super friendly, and what’s more, there’s the perfect buffet to eat.

I met a few cruise passengers who were disappointed because they had come with their children, and it’s true that for kids, I recommend the MSC Cruise liners, starting with the MSC Fantasia. Not all liners below are ideal. From MSC Fantasia onwards, ships are equipped with indoor swimming pools, which adds a whole new dimension and is perfect if you are traveling with children.

They can therefore enjoy all the water games, whatever the weather (visit my MSC Cruises page for more information and to understand).

Sports equipment

The MSC Orchestra offers a variety of facilities for the enjoyment of its passengers:

  • A dedicated basketball court is available for all fans.
  • A mini golf course is nestled on deck 14 at the rear of the boat.
  • For clubs, balls, rackets, you will find the accessories at your disposal next to the bar (it’s free).


Athletes will find what they are looking for in the gym offering a breathtaking view of the sea. Don’t forget to bring your trainers , appropriate clothing is essential.

The gym is located in the spa (deck 13), where you can pamper yourself with massages, pedicures, scrubs, and more. The spa offers a high-end experience, although rates can be high due to the 15% tax added to each service.


At the spa, you will find a full range of wellness services, including relaxing massages, hair styling sessions, and pedicure treatments to meet all your needs. However, it is important to note that these services can be a little expensive, so be sure to budget to take full advantage of these enjoyable treatments.

MSC Orchestra cabins

MSC Orchestra Nightclub

On board the MSC Orchestra, the disco opens its doors at midnight, just after the karaoke which starts at 11:15 p.m. at the Savannah Bar (deck 6). Theme nights, such as White Parties and disco nights, usually take place on Deck 13 near the pool until 2 or 3 a.m. in summer, then the party continues at the disco.

However, in the winter, the evening starts at 11:15 p.m. at the Savannah for karaoke, and there is no party on deck. You must therefore go directly to the disco on deck 14. Whether in summer or winter, you will find something to have fun!🎉


The MSC Orchestra shops are located on decks 6 and 7. There you will find basic necessities but also, and above all, clothes, bags, accessories, perfumes, etc. The shops are numerous and well dispersed. The welcome is optimal, all the staff are attentive to your needs and take care of great deals (no, I don’t work at MSC).

Entertainment from the MSC Orchestra

When it comes to MSC Orchestra entertainment, it all depends on the context. In winter, it’s a little less lively because the entertainment team is fewer and it’s cold outside (it’s relative), so there are fewer activities. This is something that is found on all liners, regardless of the company. That said, between the Artists in the theater and the entertainers who set the mood, there is still plenty to keep you busy. But let’s be honest, competing with the MSC Sinfonia entertainment team is going to be really difficult.

On the MSC Orchestra, I had the chance to meet great people, and that’s saying something. Cruise passengers coming from all over France, from all walks of life, and in the end, it was us who created the atmosphere. During this cruise, we came across carnival week and we set ourselves a challenge between cruise passengers: that of dressing up. It was really great, especially thanks to my little Gaëlle for launching this challenge, because we had a lot of fun.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends, aka the family Gaëlle, Francine, Rhaled, José, Rose, Patrick, Karen, Majdi… You have filled our hearts with happiness. That’s the magic of cruises: you meet people you probably would never have met in everyday life, you make friends and you have unforgettable moments. This cruise was incredibly crazy, magical, and it was like a breath of goodness. 

Thank you to all of you.❤


Majdi, the king of the MSC Orchestra: an extraordinary employee!

It’s difficult to talk about all the employees of a cruise , as their working conditions are difficult and their kindness, professionalism and dedication make them unique. But today, I want to highlight a man who marked our trip: Majdi .

Majdi, a waiter at the cigar room on deck 7 , was able to dazzle us with his kindness and sense of service. Throughout the week, he took great care of us, from morning to evening, with contagious efficiency and good humor.

His passion for his job is palpable , and he goes out of his way to satisfy his customers. He takes the time to speak with everyone, in their mother tongue if possible, and shows rare attention.

His professionalism is exemplary , and he manages orders brilliantly, even during rushes. His kindness and smile light up the cigar room, and it is clear that all the customers appreciate him greatly.

For us, Majdi is without a doubt the best employee of the MSC Orchestra . He is the embodiment of the cruising spirit, and he helped make our trip unforgettable.

Majdi, if you are reading these lines, know that we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are a true treasure, and we will never forget you.

And to you, the cruise passengers, if you have the chance to meet Majdi, don’t hesitate to ask him. You will not be disappointed !

In addition to Majdi, it is important to note that the entire MSC Orchestra staff was exceptional. Their kindness and professionalism largely contributed to the success of our cruise.

A big thank you to all!

Practical information

Practical advice for your cruise

Before you go on a cruise, consider these essential tips:

  • Make sure you have your documents. Your passport number or national identity card must be valid, otherwise boarding will be denied.
  • Plan your formalities in advance. Check that your documents remain valid for the duration of the cruise, taking into account airline and destination-specific requirements.
  • Manage your budget. Products on board are generally zero-rated. If you smoke, buy your cigarettes before leaving these areas.
  • Find out about excursions and activities. Explore the excursions offered before your cruise. Consult the details, prices and book the ones that interest you. For all activities during stopovers, see the “Cruise Stopovers” section.
  • Pack your bags. Follow the company’s instructions regarding baggage and items allowed on board. Don’t forget the essentials: suitable clothing, swimsuits, skincare products and medication if necessary.
  • By following these recommendations, you will embark with peace of mind on a memorable cruise.

Make the most of your trip by keeping this information in mind and preparing properly. Happy cruising! 

Smoking on the MSC Orchestra

MSC Orchestra reviews

Finally, if you are a smoker, please note that smoking is allowed on the port side (on the right side of the ship). A sign will clearly indicate areas where smoking is permitted.

Smoking rules can vary between cruise lines, so it’s best to be informed. In general, you cannot smoke inside the boat, except in specific areas such as the casino (deck 7) or the smoking room on deck 7). 

 Oh, and during port stops and refueling, forget the cigarette, because it could set the kerosene tanks on fire. 

 So, stay vigilant and follow the safety instructions to enjoy a worry-free and peaceful cruise.

MTT Review

MSC Orchestra - Discover the MSC Cruises fleet

Sailing on board the MSC Orchestra was a superb experience! This ship was able to meet my expectations as well as those of many cruise passengers, according to their feedback. Whether for relaxing, socializing or exploring the facilities, the MSC Orchestra was perfect for its age, even though it didn’t have indoor pools, as we knew. The staff stands out for their kindness and professionalism, which made our trip even more pleasant.

If you are looking for a cruise combining relaxation, good stopovers and entertainment, then the MSC Orchestra will meet your requirements!

I highly recommend the MSC Orchestra which meets the requirements of the MTT, that is to say the reception, the infrastructures, the staff, the cleanliness, the restaurants, the quality of the food, the swimming pools, the management of the flow of passengers, etc.

Thank you to all the staff of the MSC Orchestra and BRAVO !

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MTT wishes you an unforgettable cruise!

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