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MSC Seaside: discover an unforgettable experience!

Welcome aboard the MSC Seaside, where the promise of unforgettable moments awaits you. Get ready to create memorable memories and experience magical moments at every turn. Join me as we embark on the unparalleled journey of the MSC Seaside.

Atrium MSC Seaside

A gem of luxury and modernity

Discover the spectacular atrium of the MSC Seaside: a magical fusion of luxury and modernity. Each evening, let yourself be enchanted by captivating concerts that transport you. You’ll feel privileged, immersed in a warm and friendly atmosphere, perfect for making new connections. Relax with an exquisite selection of drinks offered in the bars, and let the Swarovski crystal stairs illuminate this majestic space. I loved the MSC Seaside’s atrium; it’s a true gem that resonated with me. It’s a must-visit for cruise enthusiasts craving excitement. Succumb to its charm and be carried away by this unique experience.

Bars on the MSC Seaside

Discover a flavor oasis

Garage club bar: relaxation and ambience on the MSC Seaside

The MSC Seaside offers an impressive variety of 19 bars and 9 restaurants to satisfy everyone’s cravings. The Garage Club Bar, located on deck 7, is one of the many places to relax with a drink. Smokers will find their haven with a designated smoking area and a pool for a refreshing dip. Additionally, an outdoor bar is available for enjoying the fresh air while sipping a cocktail.

Le Bistrot La Bohème: a gastronomic and friendly experience on the MSC Seaside

MSC Seaside offers incredible bars for cruise enthusiasts like us! Champagne Bar is elegant and refined, perfect for savoring champagne and unwinding. The Lounge is magical, with stunning sea views and delicious cocktails. The Garage Club is great for dancing and having fun into the late hours. For sports enthusiasts, the Sports Bar has numerous screens for watching games. Finally, the Shine Bar is the perfect spot for enjoying exotic cocktails under the stars.

The Haven lounge: a haven of relaxation and elegance on the MSC Seaside

The Haven Lounge on the MSC Seaside is an elegant and sophisticated place to relax and enjoy a panoramic view of the sea. With comfortable sofas and luxurious seating, it’s an ideal spot for a pre or post-dinner drink. The attentive and welcoming staff will provide exceptional service, while the soft background music lulls you into a state of total relaxation. Whether you come as a couple, with family, or with friends, The Haven Lounge is a perfect choice for a delightful evening on board the MSC Seaside.

MSC Seaside Theatre

Stunning Entertainment

Breathtaking performances! While Las Vegas is renowned for its shows, the SEASIDE holds its own with its troupe of artists: dancers (with special mention to dancer Frederick Alvear, who possesses immense talent and exceptional footwork), they truly impressed us, acrobatic singers…

We had the chance to chat with these two artists, and we had an exceptional time; they are both incredibly generous, and we genuinely hope to see them again! Frederick and Herminio, THANK YOU, we adore you.

If you have the opportunity to attend the STARWALKER “Michael Jackson” show, enjoy it to the fullest and applaud, because this artist is simply MAGNIFICENT. Kudos to Herminio, who portrays MJ; he has incredible talent and a disarming humility!

MSC Seaside casino

Unmatched gaming pleasure and entertainment in Miami!

The Miami Casino on board the MSC Seaside is a must-visit during my cruises. With its 980 square meters, it offers 119 slot machines and 12 gaming tables, including poker. Additionally, this casino offers various table games such as blackjack, roulette, and craps. Whether you’re an expert or a novice, the Miami Casino will entertain you with an experience tailored to your skill level.

The modern elegance of MSC Seaside: a sophisticated and unique cruise ship

Discover the modern elegance of MSC Seaside, a remarkable cruise ship.

The ship’s common areas boast vibrant colors and high-quality materials, creating a modern and refined ambiance. The cabins, with their neutral tones and touches of blue and turquoise, evoke the marine waters. Dark wood furniture and quality fabrics add a touch of sophistication. The suites are impressive, offering spacious living areas and luxurious attention to detail.

MSC Seaside’s restaurants feature a variety of decorative styles, from rustic Italian to French elegance. Contemporary art pieces dot the ship, adding a touch of sophistication and originality to the overall experience.

MSC Seaside pools

Discover a paradise for cruise enthusiasts on board the MSC Seaside, offering incredible aquatic spaces. With its 5 pools, you’ll enjoy unforgettable swims: the stunning Miami Beach Pool for sunbathing, the Jungle Pool with its retractable roof, perfect for year-round swimming. Don’t forget the Aquapark, a world of slides and water games that will amaze you. Dive into these water oases and relaxation spots and savor every moment on board the MSC Seaside, your aquatic cruise dream!

My daughters loved it and were enchanted by these aquatic spaces.

A multitude of activities for fun on MSC Seaside

activity MSC Seaside

Dear MTT readers, let me tell you that MSC Seaside is a true source of entertainment and fun for everyone! On board, you’ll find an endless array of activities that guarantee unforgettable moments.

The high-tech theater will dazzle you with captivating performances, while the bowling alleys invite you to challenge your friends or family in a friendly atmosphere. And don’t miss the interactive multi-story water park, where you can have fun like never before with its 5 water slides, adventure trail, and AquaPlay™ area specially designed for toddlers.

The younger ones won’t be left out, as MSC Seaside also offers colorful play areas created in partnership with LEGO® and Chicco® for moments of joy and wonder.

I can assure you that my own daughters enjoyed every moment on board, and so did I! We had a blast and created precious memories. So get ready for thrilling adventures and fun around every corner of the MSC Seaside. A cruise full of joy and smiles awaits you!

MSC Seaside restaurants

First-class culinary experience on board MSC Seaside.

MSC Seaside restaurants

Food waste on cruises really makes me angry as a traveler. Many passengers waste a significant amount of food just because it’s free, which is totally unacceptable.

It’s crucial to understand the value of food and the impact of our waste on the environment. Cruise companies provide an abundance of food on board, so there’s unlikely to be a shortage. However, this in no way justifies the waste.

We should only take what we actually need, avoid excessive plate filling, and be mindful of the amount of food we discard.

Ultimately, we all need to do our part to reduce food waste on cruises. By taking small actions like taking leftovers or requesting smaller portions, we can contribute to minimizing our impact on the environment. Let’s show responsibility and preserve our beautiful planet, even during our vacations.

MSC Seaside cabins

A luxurious cruise experience with 2,066 exceptional cabins.

MSC Seaside cabins

Onboard the MSC Seaside, you’ll be amazed by the extensive range of cabins available. I had the opportunity to experience both interior cabins and those with balconies, and I must say that each option offers a unique and exceptional experience. Even though one is more affordable than the other, both are truly worthwhile.

Interior cabins are comfortable and provide everything you need for a pleasant stay, while cabins with balconies allow you to enjoy spectacular ocean views and bring an extra sense of space. Regardless of your choice, you’ll be delighted by the quality and comfort of these cabins. Embark on the MSC Seaside and experience an unforgettable cruise!

Boutiques on the MSC Seaside

An unforgettable duty-free shopping experience

As a traveler, I love taking advantage of duty-free shopping on cruise ships, and the MSC Seaside is no exception. The onboard shops offer an impressive selection of branded products, ranging from luxury cosmetics to clothing and fashion accessories, as well as souvenirs and gifts.

The helpful and friendly staff are there to assist you in your product search. Each evening, they present enticing promotions that can offer discounts of up to -70%, providing excellent bargain opportunities. Enjoy this exceptional duty-free shopping experience aboard the MSC Seaside!

MSC Seaside’s nightclub

Party and dance the night away!

Discover the incredible nightclub on the MSC Seaside, a place where the atmosphere is electric, and the nights are unforgettable! Located at the Garage Club (Deck 7), this nightclub with its blue car-themed decor is the perfect place to dance and have fun. The DJ is simply sensational and will have you grooving to the greatest hits of all time. The vibe is electric, and you won’t be able to resist hitting the dance floor. Whether you’re a fan of the latest hits or timeless classics, you’ll find your bliss here. Join a community of passionate revelers and dance the night away. MSC Seaside’s nightclub is the perfect spot to party and create unforgettable memories. Don’t miss out on this magical experience and let yourself be carried away by the excitement of these lively nights onboard the ship. It’s one of the best nightclubs among MSC’s fleet.

MSC Seaside onboard service charges

Everything you need to know about onboard service charges!

fees MSC Seaside

During your cruise aboard the MSC Seaside, it’s essential to consider the onboard service charges. As of April 1, 2021, these charges have become mandatory, and it’s crucial to understand the details.

The amount of the service charge is 11 euros per night per person (for individuals aged 12 and above). Children under 12 years old receive a discount, with charges of 6 euros per night.

To calculate your service charges, multiply the amount by the number of nights of your cruise. For example, for a one-week cruise of 7 nights, the service charges will amount to 77 euros per person and 42 euros for children under 12 years old.

It’s important to note that service charges can represent a significant expense for travelers. Therefore, it’s essential to take them into account when planning your cruise budget.

ATTENTION: When booking your cruise, please make sure to check if service charges are included in the total advertised price or if they are billed separately onboard. This clarification will help you organize your expenses appropriately and avoid any confusion.

Practical information before cruising with MSC SEASIDE: passports, id cards, and onboard duty-free

Practical information

Here are some important tips to consider before embarking on your cruise:

  1. Check the necessary documents: Ensure you have your valid passport number or national ID card. Without these documents, you will not be allowed to board the ship.
  2. Plan your formalities in advance: Make sure your documents are up-to-date and valid for the entire duration of your cruise. It’s recommended to check the specific requirements of the cruise line and planned destinations.
  3. Prepare your budget: Most onboard products are duty-free, which can be advantageous for tax-free shopping. However, note that tobacco is only sold outside European waters. If you are a smoker, plan to purchase cigarette cartons before leaving these waters.
  4. Learn about excursions and activities: Research in advance the available excursions during your cruise. Check descriptions, prices, and reservations to plan your stay and enjoy the experiences that interest you. For all activities and excursions during your stops, check the “Port Stops” button.
  5. Pack your belongings: Review the cruise line’s guidelines regarding luggage and items allowed onboard. Don’t forget to pack essentials such as clothing suitable for various activities, swimwear, toiletries, and any necessary medications.

By following these practical tips, you’ll be ready for an unforgettable cruise. Enjoy your journey to the fullest by keeping this information in mind and preparing adequately. Bon voyage!

Onboard smoking policy

Finally, if you are a smoker, be aware that smoking is permitted on the starboard side (the right side of the ship). Signs will clearly indicate the designated smoking areas.

Smoking rules may vary from one cruise line to another, so it’s best to stay informed. In general, smoking is not allowed inside the ship, except in specific areas such as the casino or smoking lounge.

Oh, and during port stops and refueling, please refrain from smoking, as it could ignite the kerosene tanks.

So, stay vigilant and follow safety instructions to enjoy a worry-free and peaceful cruise.

For the technical plan (PT) of the ship, I invite you to visit their website: [I want to see the PT.](insert link to the technical plan on their website)

Cruise ports of call: explore extraordinary destinations.

On my dedicated cruise ports of call website, I provide you with tips to make the most of your time and discover the must-see attractions in each city in record time. As an experienced cruiser, I travel with my children two to three times a year and save a lot thanks to the advice I share on my blog.

MTT wishes you the most delightful of cruises!

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