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Punta Cana travel guide. Welcome to Montatanetour, your travel portal that transports you to the heart of the most exciting adventures around the world. Today our dream destination is Punta Cana, a true gem nestled in the Dominican Republic. Get ready to explore Punta Cana with our handy guide.

The unforgettable corners of Punta Cana await you, with its heavenly beaches, its preserved natural sanctuaries, and its captivating tourist attractions. We reveal to you a list of 10 unmissable experiences to guide you in discovering the treasures of this Dominican region:

Must-see places: Punta Cana travel guide

Must-see places

Playa Bávaro:

Your white sand oasis in Punta Cana

Discover the splendor of Playa Bavaro, one of the most beautiful beaches in Punta Cana, nestled in the heart of the district of the same name. This stretch of immaculately white fine sand and its crystal clear waters offer you an idyllic setting for relaxation and adventure.

The experience at Playa Bavaro goes beyond lounging on the beach. Take advantage of a sunny day to dive into the turquoise waters, swim with colorful fish and explore the marine wonders through snorkeling.

The Bavaro district is also known for its lively life, with many restaurants, bars and shops near the beach. After a relaxing day on the sand, you can enjoy delicious cuisine and soak up the warm ambiance of this corner of paradise.

Hoyo Azul:

Discover Hoyo Azul, a natural pearl of Punta Cana that is sure to dazzle you. Hidden in a natural cave, this crystal clear water lagoon is nestled among lush vegetation. At Hoyo Azul you can swim, dive or simply relax in this corner of paradise.

To reach this place from the city center, you have two convenient options. You can opt for the bus, an economical option that costs around 2 euros per person. If you prefer more freedom, car rental is also possible, although prices vary depending on the company.

Once you arrive at Hoyo Azul, the magic happens. The crystal clear waters, impressive rock formations and natural beauty promise you a unique experience in Punta Cana. Whether you are a nature lover or an adventurer in search of discovery, Hoyo Azul is an essential stop on your visit.

Saona Island:

Let yourself be enchanted by the island of Saona, a true little corner of paradise located a few hours from Punta Cana, accessible by car or bus. Immerse yourself in the serenity of its white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters that invite relaxation and regeneration. Explore the island’s rich flora and fauna by hiking its trails or taking a boat trip to spot dolphins and sea turtles. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood at one of the local restaurants. The average price for access to Saona Island is around 60 euros per person. Come discover this natural wonder and treat yourself to an unforgettable moment of relaxation.

Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park:

Explore the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park in Punta Cana! This emblematic place immerses you in the heart of nature with its crystal clear lagoons and lush vegetation. Walk in the shade on the paths to explore the different lagoons, and why not swim in some of them? This is a unique experience not to be missed during your trip to Punta Cana.

To get to the park, you can take a bus or rent a car from the city center. The drive takes about 30 minutes and costs between $10 and $20. The park is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and entry is around $20.

Violas of Chavon:

Welcome to Altos de Chavon, a unique museum village located in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Its Mediterranean-style limestone buildings offer breathtaking views of the Chavon valley and the river. Visit the 5,000-seat amphitheater, which has hosted international artists, as well as local boutiques and art galleries. To get there from downtown Punta Cana, take a bus or rent a car (around $30).

Este National Park:

Discover the Parque Nacional del Este, an exceptional natural park located in Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic. This unmissable place offers you an idyllic setting to enjoy lush nature, white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Explore the park’s flora and fauna, including monkeys, iguanas and tropical birds. To get there, you can take the public bus or rent a car from the city center. The bus ride costs around $2, while renting a car ranges from $40 to $60 per day. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this natural gem on your next trip to Punta Cana.

Dolphin Explorer:

Dolphin Explorer in Punta Cana is an exceptional experience for nature and animal lovers. Come swim with dolphins in their natural habitat and discover their fascinating behavior. Professional instructors will guide you safely to ensure the well-being of the dolphins.

In addition to interacting with these majestic creatures, a boat tour will allow you to explore the surrounding flora and fauna. To get to Dolphin Explorer from the city center, take a bus or rent a car (around $30 USD). Entrance fees vary depending on the experience you choose, but expect around $150USD per person to swim with dolphins.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful animals on the planet in their natural environment. Dolphin Explorer in Punta Cana promises you a memorable adventure in the heart of marine life.

Manati Park:

If you are looking for an unforgettable activity, don’t miss Manati Park. It is a leisure park that offers a unique experience of its kind.

During your visit, you can discover the flora and fauna of the region, including the famous dolphins, parrots and other exotic animals. You can also enjoy a traditional dance performance and live music.

To get there from the city center, you can take a bus or rent a car. The bus ride takes about 30 minutes and costs about $1-2, while by car it takes about 15 minutes and costs about $10-15.

Coco Bongo:

Want an unforgettable evening in Punta Cana? Head to Coco Bongo, one of the city’s most famous clubs. You will be amazed by the breathtaking spectacle of dancers, acrobats and musicians who will make you dance until the end of the night. The lights, costumes and sets will immerse you in a fantastic and festive world.

To get there by car or bus from the city center, you can take the main road and follow the signs to Coco Bongo. The journey takes about 25 minutes and costs between $10 and $15 by taxi.

The best things to do

The best things to do in Punta Cana:

Discover the island of Saona, a true haven of peace with crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. Hop on a state-of-the-art speedboat and enjoy a thrilling experience as you sail to the island. Stop at a natural swimming pool and marvel at the starfish. Spend an unforgettable day exploring the beach, swimming in the turquoise water and relaxing on the soft sand. Savor a buffet lunch with Dominican flavors accompanied by refreshing drinks. Take advantage of the services of a guide and let yourself be pampered throughout the day. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discover one of the jewels of the Caribbean!

Punta Cana travel guide : Saona Island

Discover squirrel monkeys, adorable and interactive squirrel monkeys in the Dominican Republic! Enjoy panoramic views of the eastern mountains and local villages while visiting the Casa del Coco coconut grove. There you will learn how coconut oil is produced and taste fresh exotic fruits, coffee and cocoa. But the real star of this visit are the saimiris! Interact with these friendly and intelligent animals thanks to an experienced Canadian couple. Monkeys like to eat directly from your hands and even pose for selfies! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to spend time with these adorable creatures.

Punta Cana travel guide: Monkeyland

Come live an unforgettable experience in Punta Cana swimming with dolphins, the friendliest and liveliest marine mammals. Interact with them by playing exciting games such as foot pushing and back tugging, while admiring their impressive water acrobatics. Get to know them better by offering hugs, kisses and handshakes. And that’s not all, you can also play on the pirate island with its water tunnels and slides. A unique adventure that will satisfy all thrill-seekers!

Punta Cana travel guide: Swimming and encounters with dolphins

Go on an unforgettable adventure in Punta Cana, exploring exotic paths and the incredible nature of the region. Learn how cocoa, tobacco and coffee are produced on a Dominican plantation tour. Dive into a mysterious cave and cool off in a splendid cenote with crystal clear waters. Swim in the turquoise waters of beautiful Macau Beach, then get your heart rate up while driving a powerful buggy. This unique experience guarantees thrills and unforgettable memories. Book your adventure in Punta Cana now and experience an extraordinary moment.

Punta Cana travel guide: buggy and Polaris Adventure

Embark on a unique adventure in Punta Cana and immerse yourself in the heart of exceptional nature. Learn how cocoa, tobacco, and coffee are produced on a visit to a Dominican plantation. Explore a fascinating cave and swim in a splendid cenote with crystal clear blue waters. You can also enjoy a swim at the beautiful Macau Beach. Finally, experience thrills while driving a powerful buggy on exotic paths. An unforgettable experience for adventurers in search of discovery!

Punta Cana travel guide

Come discover a secret cenote and enjoy the beauty of the crystal clear turquoise waters. Fly over the trees at full speed for an adrenaline rush. Explore the underground tunnels and chambers to discover the marvelous geological formations. Dive into the refreshing waters on aquatic hammocks and land in a magical environment. Cool off with a swim in a hidden cenote with brilliant blue waters. A unique experience that will satisfy your thirst for adventure and wonder in an incredible natural setting. Book now for an unforgettable day!

Punta Cana travel guide: Samana Bay

Where to stay?

Where to stay in Punta Cana?

The best areas to stay in Punta Cana:

Bávaro : Bávaro is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Punta Cana, known for its pristine white sand beaches and luxury resorts. It is the ideal place for travelers looking for relaxation and water activities. You will also find a lively nightlife with bars and restaurants.

Punta Cana Village : Located near the airport, Punta Cana Village is a modern neighborhood offering a chic and tranquil atmosphere. You will discover upscale boutiques, quality restaurants, and world-class golf. It is an ideal choice for discerning travelers.

Cap Cana : If you are looking for absolute luxury, Cap Cana is for you. This neighborhood is home to upscale resorts, an exclusive marina, and a world-renowned golf course. You can also enjoy big game fishing and a private beach.

El Cortecito : For a more authentic vibe, El Cortecito is a lively neighborhood with a wide variety of restaurants, bars and local shops. It’s a great place for travelers looking for a more local experience and easy beach access.

Uvero Alto : Located a little further north, Uvero Alto is a peaceful haven with peaceful beaches and all-inclusive resorts. It’s a perfect choice for those looking to escape the crowds and enjoy unspoilt natural surroundings.

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Getting around?

Getting around in Punta Cana

Punta Cana travel guide

To fully enjoy your trip, here are some tips for getting around easily in this paradise region of the Dominican Republic.

  • Public Transportation : Local buses are an economical option, with fares around $2-3 each way.
  • On foot : Many of Punta Cana’s tourist attractions are within walking distance, providing an enjoyable discovery experience.
  • Rental car : Ideal for exploring the area at your own pace, rentals cost around $30-40 per day.
  • Taxis : Abundant in Punta Cana, prices vary depending on distance, generally around $25-30 for a 30-minute trip.
  • Scooter : Scooter rental is an option for those who prefer faster, independent mobility.
  • Rideshare : Rideshare services are becoming increasingly popular in Punta Cana, providing an affordable alternative to taxis.
  • Biking : Certain areas of Punta Cana are ideal for cycling, providing a unique perspective of the region.
  • Hotel Shuttles : Many hotels in Punta Cana offer shuttles to local attractions, providing a convenient option for guests staying at these properties.
  • Buggy : A trendy option for getting around Punta Cana is to rent a buggy, which allows for a unique and fun experience for exploring the area.

Practical information

Practical information for your trip to Punta Cana

  • French nationals do not need a visa for a stay of less than 3 months.
  • A passport valid for 6 months is required.
  • Nonresident aliens pay an entry tax of $10 and an exit tax of $20.
  • Having an expired residence permit can lead to serious consequences.
  • Taking out travel insurance is recommended.
  • Avoid wearing flashy jewelry to avoid theft.
  • Be vigilant against scams in tourist areas.
  • Respect local customs, especially in places of worship.
  • Learn a few words of Spanish to make communication easier.
  • Choose bottled water and avoid street food.
  • Bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat.
  • The premises are welcoming, start a conversation to learn more.


Homosexuality in Punta Cana:

Discover the LGBTQ+ world in Punta Cana, a dream destination where you can feel safe and comfortable. Here are the places not to be missed:

  • Playa Bavaro: the most famous beach in the region, where you can relax and enjoy the sun without being judged.
  • Club Natura: a place exclusively reserved for men, with modern facilities, a swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi. Prices for a day are on average 20 to 30 euros.
  • Le Boite Discotheque: one of the most popular nightclubs in Punta Cana, where you can dance the night away to lively rhythms.
  • Le Merengue Bar: a lively bar with a festive and warm atmosphere, ideal for having a drink and meeting people from all over the world.
  • The Soles Chill Out Bar restaurant: a perfect place to enjoy local and international cuisine, while admiring the sunset on the beach.

Punta Cana is an open and tolerant destination towards the LGBTQ+ community, where you can fully enjoy your vacation with complete peace of mind. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover a dream place where you can be yourself without fear. Come live a unique experience in Punta Cana, a destination that is sure to seduce you!

MTT wishes you the most beautiful trip to Punta Cana

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