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Welcome to your MTT Phuket travel guide: Visit Phuket dedicated to the pearl of the Andaman. This exotic island is known for its sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and many exciting activities. Today, we invite you to explore the must-sees of Phuket and plan your dream trip! 🏝️

Must-see places

Phuket travel guide: must-see places

Phuket is a dream destination in Thailand. The beaches of Patong, Kata, and Karon are famous for their natural beauty and water sports. The island is also home to the famous Big Buddha, an imposing 45 meter high statue offering breathtaking panoramic views.

Visit Patong in Phuket – Or not!

Patong, a must-visit place in Phuket, left me perplexed. Although famous for its vibrant nightlife, I was surprised by how excessive this place was. Lots of people, a wild party atmosphere, and the presence of sex tourism made me prefer to move away.

As a solo female traveler, I was looking for a more peaceful and cultural experience. My goal was to immerse myself in the beauty of the island, meet friendly locals, and have an authentic experience.

I therefore chose to discover other aspects of Phuket which better met my expectations. My choice to not participate in the bustling Patong scene was a decision based on my desire for a more authentic experience. I preferred to explore the hidden treasures of Phuket, getting away from the crowds to discover the true soul of this magnificent island, far from the unhealthy places that made me want to vomit.

Muay thai fight

Experience authentic Muay-Thai (Thai boxing) at the Patong Boxing Stadium, where local and international fighters compete in exciting encounters. This is the perfect opportunity to witness a traditional Thai sporting event while feeling the excitement of the crowd. Muay-Thai fights are a fascinating spectacle not to be missed during your stay in Phuket.

Phuket travel guide: entrance ticket

Phuket travel guide – Big Buddha

The Big Buddha Statue in Phuket is a truly exceptional experience that I wholeheartedly recommend. Facing this majestic 45 meter high statue, imbued with an aura of serenity, with the added bonus of magnificent panoramic views of the island, you will find a moment of deep peace and spiritual connection.

No matter if you are traveling as a couple, family or solo, the Big Buddha Statue is an absolute must-see during your visit to Phuket. It is a place that offers you the opportunity to recharge your batteries, immerse yourself in Thai culture, and leave with unforgettable memories of an authentic and spiritual experience.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discover a different and profound side of Phuket Island. You will come back not only with magnificent photos, but also with an experience that will leave an unforgettable spiritual mark on your trip.

Exceptional guided tour – Big Buddha

Phuket travel guide – Wat Chalong temple

A treasure of Phuket

My visit to Wat Chalong in Phuket was a highlight of my trip. Wat Chalong is the largest and most important Buddhist temple in Phuket. By going there, you can discover Thai spirituality and learn more about Buddhism.

The architecture of the temple is impressive with its golden roofs, ornate carvings and colorful designs. It is a place of peace and beauty. Wat Chalong has played an important role in the island’s history, particularly during times of conflict. You can learn more about its history by visiting the temple.

If you are lucky enough to visit during a Buddhist ceremony or festival, it will enrich your experience. These events are imbued with spirituality and tradition. Climb to the top of the temple tower to enjoy panoramic views of Phuket Island. This is a great place to take photos.

My experience at Wat Chalong was both enriching and peaceful. It’s a place where you can immerse yourself in Thai culture and spirituality while admiring impressive architecture. If you’re looking for an authentic experience in Phuket, Wat Chalong is a must.

Phuket travel guide – Sirinat national park

My visit to Sirinat National Park in Phuket was an unforgettable experience. This coastal national park offers a peaceful natural escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. As I explored the park, I discovered pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and lush vegetation. The park is a great place to relax, swim and enjoy the natural beauty of Phuket.

The park is also a place to preserve marine life. It is home to a wide variety of species, including sea turtles. I was lucky enough to spot these majestic creatures during my visit. The park also offers hiking trails that allow you to explore its unique flora and fauna.

Sirinat National Park is a favorite place for nature lovers. The sunsets on the beach are breathtaking. The calm and beauty of this place makes it a perfect getaway to escape the stresses of everyday life.

During my visit, I felt a deep respect for nature and realized the importance of conserving our natural resources. Sirinat National Park is a natural gem in Phuket, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to reconnect with nature and enjoy the beauty of Thailand.

Phuket travel guide – Aquarium at Cape Panwa

As a snorkeling enthusiast, I would like to share my enthusiasm for the Phuket Aquarium at Cape Panwa. During my visit, I was completely captivated by the beauty of the seabed, and I want to share this incredible experience with you. This place is a real pearl for everyone who loves the sea.

Phuket Aquarium has an astonishing variety of sea creatures in store for you. Imagine walking through an underwater glass tunnel, with majestic sharks swimming overhead. It’s a unique experience that makes you feel like you’re immersed in the heart of the ocean.

What makes this place even more special is its commitment to preserving marine ecosystems. By visiting this aquarium, you will learn more about the importance of protecting our seas and oceans, a cause that concerns us all.

Whether you are an experienced diver or simply curious to discover the magic of the deep sea, the Phuket Aquarium is an experience not to be missed. It is both educational and entertaining, suitable for all ages. During your stay in Phuket, I highly encourage you to explore this unique destination. You will not be disappointed, believe me!

Phuket old town

Welcome to Phuket Old Town, a true historical treasure that deserves a special place in your travel itinerary. As a fan of cultural discoveries, I can only encourage you to explore this district full of history and charm.

Phuket Old Town is a real journey back in time, with its colorful Sino-Portuguese buildings and picturesque streets. You will find yourself immersed in an authentic atmosphere, where every street corner tells a story.

One of the particularities of the old town is the Street Art which adorns many walls. It’s like an open-air gallery, where urban art merges with historical heritage. It’s a real treat for art and photography lovers.

Don’t forget to visit the Sunday evening market (the Old Town Market), where you can taste local specialties, buy handcrafted souvenirs and enjoy outdoor shows.

Phuket Old Town is an ideal destination for a day of discovery. You can stroll the streets, visit the small museums and art galleries, enjoy delicious food at local restaurants, and simply soak up the unique atmosphere of this place.

If you’re looking for an enriching cultural experience during your stay in Phuket, Old Town is the perfect place. It’s a timeless interlude that will allow you to better understand the history and culture of this magnificent island.

Phuket old town tour

Phuket travel guide – The magic eye museum

At the Magic Eye Museum in Phuket, immerse yourself in a world where art comes to life. You will explore spectacular scenes and become an actor in these living scenes yourself. Optical illusions and visual games abound, giving you incredible opportunities to take memorable photos. This place will delight all lovers of visual art and photography.

Phuket museum tour: entrance ticket

Phuket travel guide – Koh Phi Phi

Paradise on earth

Passionate about snorkeling and island getaways, I was won over by Koh Phi Phi. If you are looking for dream beaches, crystal clear waters and unforgettable water activities, this gem is a must.

Koh Phi Phi, an archipelago in the Andaman Sea, is made up of several sublime islands, including Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Leh, the most famous. You will discover heavenly landscapes as soon as you arrive.

Among my memorable moments in Koh Phi Phi, snorkeling stands out. The seabed teems with colorful life, exotic fish and spectacular coral reefs, offering an experience close to swimming in a natural aquarium. Also explore sea caves, including the famous Maya Bay, made famous by “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Koh Phi Phi Don, the main island, is the heart of activity, with its restaurants, bars, shops and vibrant nightlife. If you prefer a peaceful atmosphere, the beaches offer you a haven of tranquility.

The sunsets are magical, with their warm colors over the ocean.

Nature is cherished on Koh Phi Phi, with access restrictions to preserve it. The island is a haven of serenity and preservation.

Koh Phi Phi goes beyond being a dream destination, it is a true paradise for nature lovers, water sports enthusiasts and travelers in search of spectacular landscapes.

Excursion to James Bond island and Phang Nga Bay

A captivating adventure

If you dream of exotic adventures and breathtaking landscapes, the excursion to James Bond Island and Phang Nga Bay is a must. As a lover of nature and exploration, this experience literally dazzled me.

Located in Thailand, in the Andaman Sea, Phang Nga Bay is famous for its spectacular karst formations. Imagine yourself sailing on emerald waters, surrounded by limestone peaks rising majestically from the sea. It is a breathtaking spectacle, worthy of the best postcards.

A visit to James Bond Island is one of the highlights of this excursion. It owes its name to the film “The Man with the Golden Gun”, which was filmed here. The island itself is a little marvel, with its enormous needle-shaped rock standing proudly out of the water.

During your excursion, you can explore sea caves, paddle a kayak through natural tunnels, and marvel at marine flora and fauna. Phang Nga Bay is a rich ecosystem, home to a variety of species, including monkeys and exotic birds.

The tour typically includes a stop for lunch on the water, allowing you to enjoy delicious Thai dishes while admiring the breathtaking scenery around you.

This tour is a true adventure, and it’s suitable for all types of travelers, from nature lovers to movie buffs to photography enthusiasts. It’s an unforgettable day exploring the natural beauty of Thailand.

The Similan islands excursion

A breathtaking underwater adventure

The Similan Islands excursion is an underwater adventure not to be missed. As a snorkeling enthusiast, I was absolutely delighted by this experience. The Similan Islands, located in Thailand’s Andaman Sea, offer a paradise for marine life enthusiasts. If you are looking for stunning underwater scenery, this is the perfect place for you.

From the moment I dove into the crystal clear waters surrounding the Similan Islands, I was fascinated by the rich marine life. The coral reefs teem with brightly colored tropical fish, and the visibility is incredible. You can swim alongside graceful manta rays and maybe even spot a harmless reef shark.

What makes this excursion even more special is the presence of experienced guides who know the area inside out. They take you to the best diving sites while ensuring your safety. You will be able to explore spectacular seabeds while having the peace of mind that you are in good hands.

Apart from diving, the excursion includes relaxing moments on secluded beaches.

Phuket travel guide: one of the most beautiful excursions to the Similan islands

Ethical elephant sanctuary

During my trip to Phuket, I was deeply touched by my visit to the Ethical Elephant Sanctuary. At a time when animal abuse has left scars around the world, discovering a place dedicated to the protection and well-being of these majestic animals was a breath of fresh air.

The Ethical Elephant Sanctuary in Phuket stands out for its commitment to respecting elephants. Visitors have the opportunity to get up close and personal with these impressive creatures in an environment that prioritizes their comfort, safety and dignity. Elephants can be interacted with in a gentle and respectful manner, without riding on their backs or participating in harmful activities.

These majestic animals have lived difficult lives, but at the sanctuary they finally find peace and the opportunity to live the way they deserve. The sanctuary’s dedicated staff works to raise awareness about elephant conservation while providing an educational and unforgettable experience.

Visiting the Phuket Ethical Elephant Sanctuary reminded me of the importance of preserving our wildlife and treating every living thing with compassion. It’s a place that should be at the top of every animal welfare-minded traveler’s list, an experience that will touch your heart and enlighten your mind.

Phuket travel guide: elephant sanctuary: Incredible!!!

Where to stay?

Where to stay in Phuket

The best places to sleep in Phuket

Patong beach

If you want to reside in Patong Beach, everyone is free to make their choice. This lively part of the west coast of Phuket is renowned for its lively atmosphere, bars, restaurants and exciting nightlife. It remains one of the most popular beaches on the island, offering a wide variety of accommodation, malls for shopping, charming street markets, and a multitude of water activities for thrill-seekers strong.

However, it is important to note that Patong Beach can be a bit chaotic for some travelers. The atmosphere is lively, with a constant flow of visitors from all over the world. If you’re looking for a more peaceful location for your stay in Phuket, you might consider other options like Karon, Kata or Kamala beaches, which offer a more laid-back vibe while still being close to the island’s major attractions.

Karon beach

For a more relaxed atmosphere, Karon Beach is a great option. This peaceful beach is ideal for families and travelers looking for tranquility. You will find quality hotels, good restaurants, and the atmosphere is more peaceful than that of Patong.

Kata beach

Kata Beach is another beautiful beach located near Karon. It offers a perfect balance between entertainment and serenity. You can enjoy exciting water sports, delicious restaurants and stunning sunsets.


Located north of Patong, Kamala is a great place for those who want to escape the crowds, while still being close to major attractions. Kamala Beach is peaceful, and the town has a more relaxed atmosphere. It is also a great place to stay with family.

Phuket Old Town (Phuket town)

For a unique cultural experience, stay in Phuket Old Town. You’ll be surrounded by charming colonial architecture, local markets, antique shops, historic temples, and excellent restaurants. It is an excellent starting point for exploring the island.

Whether you’re looking for vibrant nightlife, a peaceful atmosphere, stunning beaches, or a cultural experience, Phuket offers a variety of accommodation options in these five must-see districts. Your choice will depend on your personal preferences to make the most of your stay in Phuket.

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The best things to do

The best things to do in Phuket

What to do in Phuket?

Although I’ve already shared some of the best things to do in Phuket on this page, the island is full of exciting opportunities to discover. Here are some of my favorite suggestions for getting the most out of your trip to Phuket

Visit Phuket – Formalities for european travelers

If you are a European traveler planning to visit Phuket in Thailand, here is some essential information on the formalities necessary for your trip:

1. Valid passport: Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your planned return date from Thailand.

2. Visa: European citizens can generally enter Thailand without a visa for tourist stays of less than 30 days. However, if you plan to stay longer, you may need to obtain a tourist visa in advance. Check specific visa requirements based on your country of origin.

3. Return ticket: Upon arrival in Thailand, authorities may ask you to present a return or onward ticket to prove that you will leave the country before the expiration of your authorized stay.

4. Travel Insurance: Although not mandatory, it is strongly recommended to purchase travel insurance that covers medical expenses, cancellation and repatriation if necessary.

What documents to go to Phuket

5. Vaccinations: No vaccinations are required to enter Thailand, but it is recommended to be vaccinated against diseases such as typhoid fever, yellow fever and cholera, depending on your travel itinerary.

6. Currency: The official currency of Thailand is the Thai Baht (THB). You can exchange euros for bahts at banks, exchange offices and ATMs.

7. Language: The official language is Thai, but English is widely spoken in tourist areas.

8. Electrical voltage: Thailand uses a voltage of 220 volts with type A, B, C and F sockets.

9. Climate: Thailand has a tropical climate, with a dry season from November to February and a rainy season from May to October.

10. Time difference: Thailand is generally 6 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

By keeping this information in mind and preparing accordingly, you will be able to enjoy your trip to Phuket with complete peace of mind. Be sure to check the latest information on entry requirements as these may change. Have a good trip !

Thai vocabulary for travelers to Phuket

Learn a few words before my stay in Phuket!

Here are some useful Thai words and phrases that will help you communicate with locals in Phuket:

Greetings and courtesies

Sawasdee krap/ka (สวัสดีค่ะ/ครับ): Hello

Khop khun krap/ka (ขอบคุณค่ะ/ครับ): Thank you

Mai pen rai krap/ka (ไม่เป็นไรค่ะ/ครับ): You’re welcome

Sawasdee khap (สวัสดีค่ะ): Hello (for a woman)

Sawasdee krap (สวัสดีครับ): Hello (for a man)

Basic questions

Hao arai krap/ka (เป็นอย่างไรค่ะ/ครับ): How are you?

Khop khun krap/ka thuk krai (ขอบคุณค่ะ/ครับ ทุกที่): Thank you for everything

Khao rai krap/ka (ข้าวไรค่ะ/ครับ): What is it?

Hao thi na krap/ka (อยู่ที่ไหนค่ะ/ครับ): Where is it?

Hao rai krap/ka (เท่าไหร่ค่ะ/ครับ): How much does it cost?

Useful phrases for everyday life

Khao khao krap/ka (กินข้าวค่ะ/ครับ): I eat

Mai khao krap/ka (ไม่กินค่ะ/ครับ): I don’t eat

Khap krap/ka (ครับ/ค่ะ): Yes

Mai krap/ka (ไม่ค่ะ/ครับ): No

  • Try to learn some basic Thai phrases before your trip. This will help you communicate with locals and find your way around the city.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask locals for help. They are very welcoming and helpful.
  • Be patient and respectful of Thai culture.

Practical information

When to visit Phuket: complete guide

When is the best time to visit Phuket?

Deciding when to visit Phuket depends on your personal preferences regarding weather, tourist crowds and specific activities you would like to do. Here is a complete guide to help you optimize your trip depending on the season:

High season (november-april):

  • From November to February: This is the most pleasant time to visit Phuket. Temperatures are mild, precipitation is rare, and the weather is generally sunny. It’s ideal for the beach, diving, and other water activities.
  • March and April: These months are also pleasant, although warmer. You can enjoy the sun, but it can be more crowded.

Low season (may-october):

  • May to October: It is the rainy season, but it does not rain constantly. Precipitation is generally short and intense, followed by sunny periods. This time is ideal for travelers looking for lower fares and fewer tourists.

Shoulder season (april-may and september-october):

  • April-May and September-October are transition periods between seasons. You can find great prices and enjoy decent weather. However, there may be some showers.

Special events:

  • Phuket Vegetarian Festival (September-October): If you are interested in local culture, this festival is a unique experience with parades, performances, and vegetarian dishes.
  • Songkran (April): Thai New Year is celebrated with water fights in the streets, making it a time of lively festivities.

Tips to optimize your visit:

  • Book your accommodations in advance if you are traveling during peak season, as hotels fill up quickly.
  • If you prefer a quieter vacation and lower rates, consider visiting during the low season.
  • Plan activities based on the weather. The months of November to February are perfect for beach activities, while the rainy season is good for cultural sightseeing and relaxation.

By choosing the season that best suits your preferences, you will be able to optimize your trip to Phuket and make the most of it.

MTT wishes you the most wonderful trip to Phuket

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