Cruise parking in Venice

Parking in Venice Marghera for cruise passengers. If you’re planning to take a cruise from this beautiful Italian city, you’re probably wondering about the best cruise line parking options. As a cruise enthusiast, I am here to guide you through these choices so that you can begin your trip with peace of mind. Whether you are traveling solo, as a couple, with family, or with friends, by booking in advance, you will save money and travel with peace of mind. So, follow me as I explore Venice parking options for cruises.

Cruise parking in Venice Where to park

Cruise parking in Venice: where to park?

Cruise from Venice: parking options

In the past, some cruise lines offered secure parking near cruise terminals, but this option is no longer available. However, these parking lots are still available, although companies can no longer include them in their offers.

To reduce parking costs, consider parking your vehicle in parking lots outside of Venice. Several of these parking lots offer shuttle services to the cruise terminals, which is very convenient. One of these parking lots is the Venezia Terminal Passeggeri parking lot, located near terminals 108, 117, 118, and more. You can park your vehicle there, check in nearby, then be transported to your boat by rowboat or bus, at the company’s expense. It’s a simple and affordable way to start your dream cruise. Save on parking to get the most out of your trip.

Where do Venice cruises depart?

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Previously, it was possible to go on a cruise directly from Venice. However, from August 2021, cruise ships had to leave the Venice Lagoon. Boats over 180 meters long with emissions containing more than 0.1% sulfur were no longer allowed to enter the basin, the St. Mark’s Canal and the Giudecca Canal. Now these cruises depart from the new industrial port of Venice Marghera, located on the neighboring island.

Cruise parking in Venice – Where to park

Tips to save on parking and make your arrival at the port easier

Book in advance:

Whether you choose parking near the port or outside Venice, it’s a wise move to make an advance reservation. This not only secures your spot but also opens the door to potential discounts when booking online.

Share the costs:

If you’re traveling in a group, consider sharing parking costs with your travel companions. This option will allow you to significantly reduce the total cost of parking.

Arrive early:

It is recommended to arrive at the port early enough. This precaution gives you the time you need to locate your parking lot, drop off your luggage and complete boarding formalities in complete peace of mind. Allow extra time to avoid any rush.

Follow the port signs: Venice cruise terminals are clearly marked. Follow the signs and directions which will direct you to the reserved parking or recommended parking areas.

Cruise parking in Venice

From Venice to the port of Venice Marghera

From Venice to the port of Venice Marghera

Explore our route from Venice Parking to Venice Marghera Port (Cruise) and get an overview of the distance. Although everything is close by, it may be necessary to extend the taxi ride by a few minutes due to Venice’s many canals.

Cruise parking in Venice

From San Guliano parking to Venice Marghera cruise terminal

To better understand the distance to be covered, follow our route from the San Guliano car park to the Venice Marghera cruise terminal. Even though everything is nearby, plan on a short taxi ride of a few minutes due to the countless Venetian canals.

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  1. Used cruise parking with online reservations, and it couldn’t have been easier. Found a spot quickly, and the shuttle service to the port was seamless. Will use this service again for sure

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