Cruise stopovers in the Fjords

Cruise stopovers in the Fjords. The Norwegian fjords, with their majestic landscapes and calm waters, are a dream destination for cruise lovers. Costa , MSC , Ponant and others, giants of the cruise industry, offer exceptional voyages through these natural gems. Discover unforgettable stops in enchanting places such as Geiranger, Bergen, Flåm, Stavanger, Ålesund, Honningsvag, Tromsø, Olden, Trondheim, and Leknes.

Cruise stopovers in the Fjords

Hello to all cruise enthusiasts! I’m Sarah, aka Miss Tatane 🤩, and if, like me, the idea of ​​sailing through the fjords excites you, welcome aboard this complete guide to fjordic stops in Scandinavia!

Cruise stopovers in the Fjords

The jewels of the Norwegian Fjords

This page was created to help you plan your cruise stops more efficiently. You will then know which exits from the port are chargeable and which are free. This will allow you to  maximize your time and budget . Remember that during cruise stopovers, time is of the essence. It is therefore important to know what to do and what to see. For each stopover, the essential activities will be detailed for you.

For the 9 stops that I have listed, I will give you my opinion on the most beautiful ones. This opinion can be subjective because it is the opinion of a tourist (like you) and of some cruise passengers who also give their valuable opinions. I put this symbol 👁 for you  when it’s a stopover to see,👁👁 when you can’t miss it and 👁👁👁 to see it at least once in your life because it’s paradise!

By following these tips, you can maximize your time during each cruise stopover in the Fjords

Have a good cruise and good stopovers! ‍️🥳🛳‍️

Must-see places


Cruise stopovers in the Fjords


Cruise stopovers in Geiranger

Nestled in the majestic heart of the Geiranger Fjord, this picturesque village surrounded by towering mountains and majestic waterfalls is available to travelers on cruises with Costa, MSC, Ponant, and other companies. It’s a true immersion in natural splendor, with stunning views from the ship’s deck.

The Geiranger experience begins as soon as you arrive, whether from the deck of the boat or even from your cabin if it faces the outside. These sumptuous landscapes stand out from everything we are used to seeing. When the boat docks at Geiranger, the port, although small, can be shared by several liners. The boat remains at anchor at sea, and we disembark on dry land in a rowboat, a pleasant and free experience. However, for amazing views, comfortable walking shoes are essential due to the need to climb.

If the climb seems too ambitious for you, an excursion may be a suitable alternative, especially for those who prefer a less sporty approach or who have difficulty getting around. I particularly recommend climbing the Seven Sisters waterfall. On the boat the excursion is generally offered from 70/80 euros. If you prefer to book it in advance, we went through get with the link below.

The best things to do

The best things to do in Geiranger

Discover the magnificent views from the port of Geiranger



Cruise stopovers in Bergen

Bergen, Norway’s second largest city, combines historic charm with contemporary dynamism. Cruises offer passengers the opportunity to stroll through the UNESCO-listed Hanseatic Quarter while exploring bustling markets and colorful alleyways.

Arriving in Bergen is an exceptional experience. The port offers a remarkable view, and the charming colorful houses welcome you warmly. However, please note that mooring location may vary by vessel, given the extensive size of the port.

I would like to reassure you that leaving the port is free. A convenient shuttle will take you to the exit, a distance of approximately 700 meters. From there, you can begin your exploration of the city on foot. If you prefer, options such as taxi, hop-on-hop-off service or even excursions are available, all easily accessible from the port. The tourist office is also nearby for any further information.

I highly recommend taking advantage of the cable car, offering stunning views from the heights of Bergen.

The best things to do

The best things to do in Bergen

When you arrive in Bergen, there are plenty of activities and breathtaking landscapes. Here I offer you the highest-rated activities, while leaving room for you to explore at your own pace. Here are the two excursions below. However, note that the first is the most popular and popular.

Fjord Cruise Stopovers – Bergen’s most popular excursion

Cruise in the Mostraumen Fjord


The extreme railway


Cruise stopovers in Flåm

Cruise stopover in Flåm, this charming little village with incredible inhabitants. No matter where you choose to stop to eat, have a coffee or just stroll, the people of this village are extraordinary!

When you arrive at the port, the entrance is spectacular. When the boat enters the port, we have the impression that the mountains are so close that we say to ourselves: “Are we going to enter there? » Then, we realize that they are still far away… The boat docks in the center, and the descent is done in a rowboat, it is offered by the company, as always. You will have understood, free release, my friends!

Wander through this picturesque setting on foot, and if you want to add a touch of adventure, don’t miss the famous Flåm Train. This world-famous train offers a breathtaking journey through mountains and valleys. And of course, for lovers of excursions, know that on board these are generally offered between 90 and 220 euros. I’ll leave the activities to do to you and there are many, really enjoy this stopover because it’s worth the detour.

The best things to do

The best things to do in Flåm on a cruise

Cruise stopovers in the Fjords – Pick-up and return to the port! 👍

For those who want the unique train experience, I suggest a lovely Flåm-Myrdal-Flåm round trip. This one-hour journey takes you from Flåm to Myrdal Mountain Station, perched at 867 meters above sea level.

Myrdal is also a junction point with the Bergen railway. Thus, the Flåm line is connected to the Bergen and Oslo lines, providing a convenient rail connection between these iconic destinations. This picturesque experience is available for 500 NOK, per person (42.50 euros) allowing you to quickly savor the magnificent Norwegian landscapes without compromising your layover time.

Other activities if you don’t want to take the train

Stroll along the quayside
Admire the boats, soak up the maritime atmosphere and explore the small local shops and cafes.

Local Product Tasting
Explore Norwegian gastronomy by stopping for a local product tasting. Whether fish specialties, regional cheeses or traditional pastries, enjoy the local cuisine.

Visit the Flåm Museum
Take advantage of your time to visit the Flåm Museum. Immerse yourself in the history of the village and region in an immersive way, all at a relaxed pace.



Cruise stopovers in Stavanger

Stavanger, between modernity and tradition, reveals picturesque streets and a lively maritime life. During your stopover, no need to spend, the exit to the port is completely free! Arrival is directly in the city center! I suggest you get lost in the alleys of the old town, where the wooden houses tell a charming story. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a delicious local fruit juice, renowned as one of the best. Personally, I’m not a fan of mutton or lamb, but if these flavors are part of your preferences, know that these are the local specialties. You tell me the news!

When it comes to excursions, most cruise lines opt for this option, whether on board your ship or directly in port. Stavanger offers a diversity of activities, whether you’re interested in history, breathtaking panoramas, or culinary adventures.

The best things to do

The best things to do in Stavanger

Cruise to Lysefjord and Preikestolen in 4 hours

Cruise Lines’ Favorite Excursion in Stavanger #1 Best Seller

Admire seals, caves and waterfalls aboard this speedboat!

Watch out, not for the faint-hearted😱


Discovering the Fjords – Unforgettable stopovers


Cruise stopovers in Ålesund

During this stopover in Ålesund, I sincerely appreciated the unique atmosphere of the city. At the foot of the boat, the port offers a free exit, allowing easy exploration on foot or even aboard the little train, although the cost can be a little high (around 30 euros from memory). Tickets are available at the kiosks at the foot of the boat, making access easier.

For the more athletic, climbing the 400 steps is entirely possible, but personally, after a busy day the day before, I preferred to abstain. The city can be explored on foot, thanks to a central pedestrian street. For a more relaxing option, a hop-on hop-off tour bus service is also available when the cruise ship is docked.

Ålesund offers a day full of discoveries, but if you have the opportunity to visit the Viking Islands, some cruise lines say the experience is well worth it. Personally, I did not have the opportunity to do it due to high prices, but from the valuable feedback it seems to be a magnificent excursion.

I strongly advise you to explore these islands during your stopover (if you have the means), and especially if you are a group of 4 friends or family!

The best things to do

The best things to do in Ålesund

Cruise stopovers in the Fjords

Honningsvag and Tromsø

Conquering the North


Cruise stopovers in Honningsvag and Tromsø

Cruises often venture to Honningsvag, a starting point for exploring the North Cape, and Tromsø, the city of the Northern Lights. These stops offer a unique Arctic experience, with breathtaking polar landscapes.

For Honningsvag, I must admit that it was the stopover that excited me the least. It was without much interest, the landing is done by boat, at least the exit is free.

Tromsø was an exceptional stopover for us. If you are considering visiting the Polaria Museum, I recommend against this option, and I join the hundreds of cruise passengers who did not enjoy the experience. The museum is too small and doesn’t offer anything really interesting.

However, the city tour itself is amazing. Cross the bridge to explore the magnificent Arctic Cathedral, an experience well worth the detour. Additionally, feel free to take the cable car to enjoy panoramic views of the region. Crossing the bridge on foot is easy and offers a unique perspective on the city.

Note that the excursions offered by the companies are often sold for more than 100 euros. Opting to explore the city independently can be more rewarding.

The best things to do

The best things to do in Tromso

Meet the reindeer of norwegian Lapland on a sleigh tour 

Cruise stopovers in Trondheim


Cruise stopovers in Trondheim

Trondheim, cradle of Norwegian history, seduces with its Gothic cathedral and its medieval atmosphere. Upon arrival in Trondheim, your boat docks near the city center. You can go out of the port by shuttle, which costs around 5-6 euros round trip. This city is incredible and there are so many places to visit!

→Nidaros Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the largest cathedral in Norway and is an important symbol of Norwegian religion and culture.

→Byhaven Mall is a modern shopping center located in the heart of the city. It is home to many shops, restaurants and cafes.

→The Ringve Botanical Garden is a 70-hectare botanical garden located approximately 3 kilometers from the city center. It is home to a wide variety of plants from around the world.

→Urban art is a thriving scene in Trondheim. You can find outdoor art all over the city, especially in the Ilsvika district.

→The Torvet market is a traditional market located in the city center. It is ideal for buying souvenirs and local specialties.

→The Old Town Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that connects the Old Town to the New Town. Famous for its red portal, also known as the portal of happiness.🥰

Trondheim is an amazing city, it’s colorful and warm, and the people are super friendly. You will love this cruise stopover!

The best things to do

The best things to do in Trondheim

Cruise stopovers in the Fjords – Guided tour of Trondheim

Tourist bus – treat yourself to a high viewpoint: Kristiansten Fortress – Sverresli 


Cruise stopovers in the Fjords


Cruise stopovers in Leknes

In Leknes, the boat remains at sea, and the descent is done in a rowboat. However, once at the dock, you must choose between the excursion offered by the cruise line or a bus. Another option is to opt for the excursion from Leknes to the Lofoten Islands with transfer. For information, the companies offer you excursions which cost 180 euros per person.

Personally, I found this stopover rather complex and I did not disembark (which is very, very rare 😞 ). I preferred to ask the opinions of other cruise lines to gather their feedback. It is important to note that this fjord cruise can incur high costs, especially for those accustomed to the more moderate fares of the Mediterranean or the Greek islands. I’ll let our friends share their impressions of this stopover.

The best things to do

The best things to do in Leknes

Cruise stopovers in the Fjords

MTT notice of cruise stopovers in the Fjords

My experience of cruising in the fjords was truly beautiful and atypical. It’s an experience to have at least once, but personally, I won’t do it again. Despite the beauty of the landscapes and the incredible appearance of the fjords, I am definitely a southern girl, in love with the sea and warmer temperatures.

It is essential to be honest about the cost of these cruises, which is quite high. Plus, the fees don’t stop there. For someone like me used to good deals and affordable excursions in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, the costs of excursions, even on our own, are very high. When traveling in a group of four people, this can be a significant financial burden.

Despite this, I wish you a very nice cruise. Take full advantage of this unique adventure and the magnificent landscapes that the fjords have to offer.

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