Cruise stopover in Rome

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Cruise stopover in Rome

Rome, an unmissable and INCREDIBLE stopover ❤️. Here are some tips to optimize your day.

Cruise stopover in Rome

That’s it, you have disembarked in Civitavecchia and you have chosen your mode of transport 🤔 to get to Rome. Now let me guide you through the best activities to do.🤩

How to get from Civitavecchia to Rome by bus?

Remember that to get to Rome you will have to take the train, shuttle or taxi from the port of Civitavecchia.

What to do in Rome

Cruise stopover in Rome

With the limited time of a cruise stopover, you have to make wise choices to make the most of Rome’s treasures.

Here are some essentials for a successful stopover in Rome, with one valuable tip: book your tickets in advance! Rome is a busy city all year round, and the lines are very long. By booking your visits, you will save valuable time and avoid disappointment. If I tell you this it is from experience!🤪

Cruise stopover in Rome

The only drawback I notice in Rome is its high cost if you want to visit the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel, etc.💰

When you travel as a family, outings quickly cost an arm and a leg 🥴. This is also why I offer the lowest prices on the internet on MTT. Don’t have too much budget? Rest assured by continuing to read my page you will find free activities.😀

Below are the essential activities in Rome.😃 👇

The Coliseum

Immerse yourself in history at the Colosseum , Rome’s iconic amphitheater. Imagine the gladiators and the grandiose spectacles that took place in its arenas. Book your skip-the-line ticket to avoid long queues and gain direct access to this fascinating monument.

Guided tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

Cruise stopover in Rome

⭐⭐⭐⭐/ 38 012 reviews

The Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill guided tour is a great option for people who want to discover the wonders of ancient Rome. Priority access, full tour and expert guide guarantee you an unforgettable experience.

The Vatican

Visit the Vatican , the spiritual capital of Catholicism. Admire St. Peter’s Basilica , a masterpiece of Baroque architecture, and the Vatican Museums , home to priceless artistic treasures, like the Sistine Chapel and its sublime frescoes.

Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel – Skip the Line Ticket

Cruise stopover in Rome

⭐⭐⭐⭐/ 53 717 reviews

Discover the impressive art collection amassed by popes over the centuries with a skip-the-line ticket to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.

Castel Sant’Angelo

Cruise stopover in Rome

Immerse yourself in the captivating history of Rome by visiting Castel Sant’Angelo castle. Nestled in the heart of the city, near the Vatican, this medieval castle is a real historical gem. Built in the 2nd century CE as a mausoleum for Emperor Hadrian, it was later transformed into an impregnable fortress in the Middle Ages. Today it houses a fascinating museum dedicated to the history of the Eternal City.

To get to Castel Sant’Angelo castle, take the metro to Lepanto station, then take a short 10-minute walk (or take the tourist bus that will take you there).

Castel Sant’Angelo – Billet coupe-file

Cruise stopover in Rome

⭐⭐⭐⭐/ 2 265 reviews

The pantheon

Visit the Pantheon , a remarkably preserved ancient Roman temple. Admire its immense dome and its oculus, which lets in natural light. Unfortunately, entry is no longer free since last year!😮

The Pantheon – Skip the line ticket

Cruise stopover in Rome

⭐⭐⭐⭐/ 11 133 reviews

Admire the majestic dome of the Pantheon , a masterpiece of ancient engineering, and marvel at the timeless beauty of this monument.

Enjoy a visit at your own pace thanks to an informative audio guide who will immerse you in the secrets of this fascinating place.

Continue your exploration in Piazza Navona , one of the most picturesque squares in Rome. Admire its baroque fountains, street performers and lively atmosphere.

Warning: tickets are going like hot cakes!

Sightseeing bus in Rome

Hop on hop off tour of Rome

Cruise stopover in Rome – A great time saver

⭐⭐⭐⭐/ 8 060 reviews

When I go to Rome, I have a habit to save time and maximize my visits: I always take the tourist bus. With stopovers spanning just 8 days, fatigue can set in quickly. The tourist bus allows me to visit many sites without wasting time or exhausting myself looking for public transport. It’s really practical and efficient to make the most of my stopover in Rome.

Points fortsHop on hop off
Time savingAvoid long lines at Rome’s top attractions, like the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Piazza di Spagna.
FlexibilityExplore Rome at your own pace and convenience. Spend more time admiring the sights that interest you and less time walking.
LearningDiscover the history and culture of Rome through audio commentary on board the bus.
SharingShare your experience with your loved ones thanks to the free Wi-Fi connection on the buses.

Free activities in Rome

Cruise stopover in Rome

Below are the free activities in Rome. Even if your budget is limited, you can still enjoy many interesting attractions in the Eternal City.

  • Trevi Fountain

Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain , one of the most famous in the world, and make a wish. Admire its baroque beauty and let yourself be carried away by the magical atmosphere of the square. Remember to respect the area and not throw away any objects other than coins!🙏

  • Piazza Navona

Take a stroll through Piazza Navona , one of the most beautiful squares in Rome. Admire its baroque fountains, street performers and lively atmosphere. Take advantage of the cafes and restaurants to enjoy a delicious Italian ice cream in the shade of the trees.

  • Trastevere , a bohemian and charming neighborhood

Lose yourself in the picturesque streets of Trastevere , a bohemian and charming neighborhood. Discover its craft shops, typical restaurants and lively bars. Atmosphere guaranteed!

  • Magnificent churches

The city is full of magnificent churches, most of which are free. Don’t miss the Basilica of Saint John Lateran (note that you have to pay to visit the cloister) or the Basilica of Saint Mary Major.

  • Parks and gardens

Enjoy a day outdoors in one of Rome’s many parks and gardens. Villa Borghese offers vast green spaces, shaded paths and even a small lake where you can rent a rowing boat.

  • Free museums

Some museums offer free entry days or free hours. Find out in advance if you can take advantage of this. For example, on the first Sunday of each month, many Italian state museums offer free entry.😮

Important Tips

Cruise stopover in Rome – Optimize your time and make the most of your visit

Rome opens its doors to you for an unforgettable stopover! But with a cruise’s limited time, it’s crucial to plan your visit wisely to make the most of the city’s treasures.

Here are some valuable tips to optimize your stopover in Rome:

Define your priorities

  • What do you absolutely want to see? Colosseum, Vatican, Trevi Fountain?
  • What are your hobbies? History, art, architecture, gastronomy?
  • How long do you have in Rome? In general, we have around 5 hours and 30 on site with transfer. This gives us a comfortable margin to explore the city without risking missing our return to the boat.

Based on your answers, make a list of sites you want to visit as a priority. Don’t try to do everything, because you risk spending your time running from one place to another without really enjoying it.

Find out about opening times and queues

  • Some sites, like the Colosseum and the Vatican, are very busy. Check opening times and plan to book your tickets in advance to avoid long lines.
  • Tourist passes can also be interesting to save time and money.

Optimize your trips

  • Choose walking for short distances. Rome is a very pleasant city to explore on foot.
  • Choose the tourist bus if you want to see all the tourist places and thus save time!
  • For longer distances, use public transport. The bus and metro network is efficient, affordable but often shielded.😱
  • Taxis can be useful to save time, but be careful they are more expensive. Do not hesitate to negotiate the price of the ride before getting on because many people overdo it.

Enjoy your free time

  • After visiting the must-see sites, take the time to stroll the streets of Rome.
  • Discover authentic neighborhoods, like Trastevere or Monti.
  • Enjoy a delicious meal at a local restaurant.
  • Taste Italian gelato, a true institution!

do not forget

  • Rome is a beautiful city, but it can be tiring. Plan regular breaks to rest and hydrate.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, as you will be walking a lot.😃
  • Be vigilant for pickpockets, especially in tourist areas.🧐
  • Learn some basic Italian words. This will allow you to better communicate with locals and add a touch of authenticity to your trip.

Italian sample sentences

Cruise stopover in Rome – A few words of Italian

Learning a few basic Italian words before your layover in Rome will allow you to better communicate with locals and add a touch of authenticity to your trip .

Here are some useful phrases and expressions to get you started:


  • Good morning. Buongiorno (pronounced: bouonjourno)
  • Hello (informal). Ciao (pronounced: tchao)
  • Bonsoir. Good evening (pronounced: bouonasèra)
  • Bye. Arrivederci (pronounced: arivédèrtchi)
  • See you soon. A presto (pronounced: a presto)


  • Please. Per favore (pronounced: pèrfavòré)
  • THANKS. Grazie (pronounced: gràtssié)
  • It was nothing. Prego (pronounced: prègo)
  • Excuse me. Mi scusi (pronounced: mi skouzi)
  • Pardon. Scusi (pronounced: skouzi)


  • Pouvez-vous m’aider?. Can you help me? (pronounced: can you help me?)
  • Where do you find…?. Where is it…? (pronounced: where is it?)
  • How much costs…?. How much does it cost…? (pronounced: kwánto kòsta ?)
  • Do you speak English ?. Speak English? (pronounced: parla ingleze?)
  • I don’t understand. Non capisco (pronounced: nòn capisco)

Useful phrases:

  • I would like… Vorrei… (pronounced: vorrei)
  • I’m sorry). Mi dispiace (pronounced: mi dispiace)
  • I don’t know. Non so (pronounced: nòn so)
  • Can you repeat?. Can you repeat? (pronounced: può ripetère?)
  • Thank you so much. Grazie mille (pronounced: gràtssié mille)

By learning these few simple words and expressions, you will be able to get by in most everyday situations in Rome. Don’t hesitate to practice your Italian with the locals, they will be happy to help you and appreciate your efforts.

Remember that learning a language takes time and practice. Don’t be discouraged if your accent sucks 🤭The most important thing is to show enthusiasm and willingness to communicate .

I hope these tips will be useful for your stopover in Rome!

Transfer options

Cruise stopover in Rome

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Cruise stopover in Rome

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