Stopover in Savona: explore the wonders of this Italian port city

Welcome to Mon Tatane Tour, your guide for a memorable stopover in Savona. This Italian coastal town awaits you with its sunny beaches, rich history and delicious Italian cuisine. Make the most of every moment of your stopover in Savona with our advice!🇮🇹🏖️

Stopover in Savona

Stopover in Savona, historic city of Italy

Arrival at the port of Savona

Arrival at the port during your stopover in Savona offers a panoramic view of the city and the sea. The port is close to the city center 5 minutes, allowing you to easily start your exploration on foot. When you arrive at the port of Savona, it’s a real delight, restaurants, bars, shops… Taxis and buses are also available to get you around.

Stopover in Savona – Getting around Savona

  • On foot: explore Savona at your own pace, strolling through its narrow streets and lively squares. It’s the best way to immerse yourself in local life and discover the city’s hidden treasures.
  • Bus: Use the bus lines to get to tourist sites and beaches. Opt for a day ticket to travel in complete freedom.

The must-sees of Savona

  • Priamar Fortress: Discover this imposing fortress and enjoy the breathtaking views of the city and the sea.
  • Assumption Cathedral: Visit this historic church and admire its architecture and artwork.
  • Palazzo della Rovere: Explore this magnificent palace and its gardens for a moment of relaxation.
  • Beaches: Take advantage of the sandy and pebble beaches to relax and swim during your stopover in Savona.

Discovery of the village of Bergeggi

Just a few kilometers from Savona, the village of Bergeggi and its marine nature reserve offer a peaceful seaside setting. Reach this haven of tranquility by bus or taxi and enjoy a day at the beach in a preserved environment.

The Pelagos Sanctuary in Savona

Embark for the most beautiful experience in Savona by discovering the marine fauna of Liguria during an exceptional cruise. Explore the Pelagos Sanctuary, a marine protected area 🐬, with an on-board naturalist guide, looking for cetaceans and other marine species.🌊  This unforgettable activity is a must during your stay in Savona, where entertainment options abound few.

The best activity in Savona ❤

MTT wishes you the most beautiful trip to Savona in Italy


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